Surfing is a Healthy Sport

Surfing is a Healthy Sport for Youth Today

From splashing around in the water to riding the crest of a wave surfing is a healthy sport. What’s not to love about surfing for kids? And when it comes to its fitness benefits, there’s plenty of reasons why learning to ride a surfboard is a super healthy sport for the youth of today.

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Mood-Boosting Fun

A blast of endorphins means surfing is great for kids’ mental health as well as physical. It’s the ultimate natural high in the great outdoors. It gets the blood flowing.

A Full-Body Workout

Whether having a cardiovascular workout paddling and kicking or honing muscle tone and strength using their core to balance, surfing offers children exhilarating all-round fitness conditioning.  Surfing tweaks muscule control and builds strength throughout the entire body.

Watch Your Child’s Confidence Soar!

As kids master the art of surfboard riding, it does wonders for their self-esteem and confidence. And let’s face it, there’s no better way to show off than pulling cool maneuvers like cutbacks and foam climbs.  Jumping on that surfboard, at the beach in front of their peers develops drive and personal self-awareness.

The Accompanying Healthy Lifestyle

A truly holistic sport, surfing is about eating and living well as much as riding waves. Kids will naturally adopt healthy eating practices as they immerse themselves in the sport. The fresh salt air at the beach, plenty of vitamin D, combined with full-body exercise, surfing is the all-around healthy lifestyle. In general, surfing is a healthy sport.

Helps them Sleep

A knock-on benefit for you – surfing is proven to aid a deeper, more restful sleep meaning it supports their natural development…and you get a bit of extra me-time.  You know kids, wear them out with a sunny warm day at the beach and they’re knocked out too early to waste time on video games.

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