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Take on the waves with Bodyboards and Skimboards by Liquid Shredder. We have the perfect body boards and skim boards for beginners and professionals. It is our goal to provide surfers, skimboarders, and bodyboarders around the world with the best products on the market. That is why our skim boards and body boards for sale are a priority for the Liquid Shredder research and development team.


When you need a quality board, choose Liquid Shredder. Shop our Bodyboards and Skimboards selection below.

What Is The Difference Between a Bodyboard and a Skimboard?

The main difference between a bodyboard and a skimboard is how they function. Bodyboards are built to be used on bigger waves, whereas skimboards are meant to be used in the shallow water.

They are also very different in their shape. Bodyboards are rectangular, wider, longer, and thicker than a skimboard. They are typically 4 ft long, 2 ft wide, and 2 inches in thickness. If you are a beginner, you will most likely be more comfortable lying down on your stomach when using a bodyboard. More experienced riders will usually stand up and treat it more like a surfboard. Since bodyboards are meant for rougher waters, they have more stability and strength. A skimboard is shaped like a surfboard, but it is skinnier and smaller with no fins. The purpose of a skimboard is to glide on the water in the shallow end; therefore, they are light and flexible. Skimboards are usually 3 ft long, 18 inches wide, and about half an inch thick. When skimboarders see a perfect wave, they run as they drop the board and jump onto it so they slide on the beach.

Bodyboards and skimboards are a great way to enjoy yourself and have some fun in the water. Even if you have never used one of these boards before, now is the perfect time to partake in these fun activities.

Why Liquid Shredder?

We offer our unique patented Peruvian Skim boards and Body boards, traditional laminated FSE economy, FSE + Polypropylene core bodyboards, and wooden Skimboards as well. Both our bodyboards and skimboards for sale series have been used and tested in competition, ensuring they are sturdy, strong, and durable. With our fast wood skimboards , you can have tons of fun as they are super solid, durable, and meant to shred.

Boogie down body boarding and skimboarding on Liquid Shredder’s belly boards and skimmers. At Liquid Shredder, our Body boards and Skim boards for sale are the pinnacle of skimboard and bodyboard technology. So, get on board with the highest quality brand that has served the boardsports community for over 20 years with top Bodyboards, Surfboards, Standup Paddleboards and Skimboards. We are committed to your watersports fun, so join the Liquid Shredder revolution, today!

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