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Also known as standup  SUPs, have become a favorite among athletes as well as fitness and yoga enthusiasts who are looking for a total body workout. Standup SUPs are a fun and easy way to play in any water – beach, rivers, lakes, or pools.

Liquid Shredder SUPs

We have a variety of standup boards for kids, beginners, novices, and pros. Our Peruvian LS Pro, Suntech, and economy FSE Series soft boards meet every rider’s needs. Liquid Shredder offers a full line of traditional Epoxy Fiberglass SUP and SUPer Armor Epoxy ABS model as well. When you buy online standup boards from Liquid Shredder you know you’re getting exceptional quality at an inexpensive price. Shop our boards today!  CLICK HERE for Discount Codes

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Brand: Liquid Shredder
Manufacturer: Soft Surfboards
Model: LS SUPs
Product ID: LS SUPs Paddleboards
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