Stand Up Paddle Boards for Sale

Stand Up Paddle Board for Kids | Liquid ShredderCombining balance, stability, versatility, and ease of use, stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) are the gear of choice when going for a fun and easy ride in any body of water.

Paddleboarding is a unique and exciting activity to do with your friends and family and is great for your own personal health. Athletes, yogis, and fitness enthusiasts turn to SUPs for sale for their full-body workout fix. Paddleboards for sale get you on your feet and increase your core and leg strength. Even paddleboarding for 20 to 30 minutes will give you an intense full-body workout. Plus, being on the water and breathing in the fresh air is a fabulous stress reliever and improves your mood, focus, and cognitive function.

Not only are paddleboards for sale extremely easy to learn on, but they are incredibly safe as well. All you need to do is figure out how to hold the paddle and where to put your feet, and then you are ready for some fun.

With SUPs for sale, you can go at your pace, explore new surroundings, enjoy the peaceful water, or take it for a thrilling, bumpy ride on the waves.

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Whether you are looking to brave white-water rapids, navigate waterfalls, or salute the sun in the middle of a tranquil lake, choose Liquid Shredder SUPs for sale.

What Does Liquid Shredder Offer?

We offer a wide variety of paddleboards on sale that fit your needs for all skill levels. Our paddleboards come in a full line of traditional Epoxy Fiberglass SUP and SUPer Armor Epoxy ABS models.

Our SUPer Armor Paddleboards Epoxy ABS SUP paddleboards for sale come in two sizes: 10 ft 6 inches and 11 ft 6 inches. They are built to withstand the rigors of flatwater touring and advanced surfing, perfect for more experienced paddlers.

Thanks to its ABS Thermoplastic SUPer ARMOR shell, SUPer Armor Paddleboards are less likely to suffer dings and other impact damage.

Pay homage to the history of paddle boarding and surfing on the Peruvian coast with the Caballitos de Totora tribute paddleboard for sale.

The 11-inch or 12-inch custom models are Liquid Shredder’s tribute to the “reed ponies” that were used to ride the waves as a fishing craft in South America.

The Tribute Caballitos de Totora is a combination of form and function. You can put it up on display at any venue, or you can fully immerse yourself and turn it into a paddle surfboard.

You can also experience the true meaning of tranquility with the Wide Standup Paddleboard for sale.

This hybrid paddleboard is soft, stable, and wide, which are qualities you need for a great yoga mat.

Measuring at 8 ft 10 inches tall and 35 inches wide, it is also great for catching waves and its stability makes it great for touring.

Introduce your kids to SUP paddleboards with the Kids Stand Up Paddleboards for sale 7ft 5in SUP.

Full outline rail protection, White Liquid Comfort anti-slip deck pad, and Ergo-Carry handle, with a Tri-fin Thruster set make this board perfect for kids and lightweight riders looking to catch and rip some big waves or just starting to get into SUPs.

For the more experienced paddleboarders who want nothing but the most optimum performance from their SUPs and surf paddleboards, try the 9ft SUP Whitewater River Paddleboard, the Performance Stand Up Paddleboard 6ft 10in SUP, and the 12ft 6in Race SUP Paddleboard.

The 9ft SUP Whitewater River Paddleboard is the perfect outdoor paddleboard that sports most of Liquid Shredder paddleboards’ features and is designed for the river rats in mind. Hybrid soft HD+ Enhanced construction gives the rider confidence to brave white water and extreme conditions.

Its Tri-Fins Thrusters, extra handles, and cargo ties make it perfect for river running, camping, touring, and it is very user-friendly.

Dubbed the “White Lightning”, this hybrid SUP for sale is designed to meet the demands of advanced surfers and paddleboarders alike. Its patented advanced aluminum and carbon fiber stringer system makes it strong and lightweight, not to mention fast.

Removable FCS Tri-Fins Thrusters make it compatible with most paddleboards online.

With racing performance at half the price of carbon fiber paddleboards, the 12ft 6in Race SUP Paddleboard has been hailed as the muscle cars of SUPs and is considered one of the best stand-up paddleboards for sale online.

Its single fin pointed displacement bow shape makes it perfect for the racing enthusiast.

You can move through the water with good float and minimum resistance with its narrow yet thick template.

What Size Paddle Board Should You Purchase?

The SUP board you purchase should depend on your weight, paddleboarding experience, and the conditions you take the board out in. The wider and longer the board is, the more stability and weight capacity it will have. If you are someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience with paddleboards, you will want to purchase a stand-up paddleboard for sale with a volume of twice your weight. As your skills and balance increase, you can downsize to a smaller board with less volume.

Shop for your new stand- up paddle boards today!

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