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LS Online Affiliate Commissions Program: 

If your business has a website, you can apply to be among the elite group of LS online sales affiliates.  Using advanced technology, if a customer is referred from your website, via your Exclusive LS Affiliate Banner or Link, to and makes a purchase,  we pay 10% commission.  You get:

  1. Backed by Liquid Shredder’s Nearly 20 years of Brand and Customer Service
  2. Our Thousands of board styles, sizes and colors become Your Inventory
  3. Offer Free USA 48 Shipping to Your Website LS Customers.
  4. LS technology pays you if Your Buyer comes back Directly to LS website for up to 60 days.
  5. Don’t stock large SUP or Surfboards that rob you of retail space
  6. You Make 10% of the Sale Price

So, if you want “Money for Nothing” apply to join LS as an Elite Affiliate.

Don’t Miss Out on 2018 Holiday Sales, Apply Today.

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