Peru Hybrid Soft Surfboards

Peru Hybrid Soft Surfboards by Liquid Shredder

Shop The Liquid Shredder Original Peru Hybrid Soft Surfboards today. Each model has been designed and tested by Surfers in the Pacific surf of Peru. Every board is hand shaped and built by devoted craftsmen. This Peruvian line of Patented hybrid surfboards consists of several Model Series.  Click Here for Discount Codes

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Element Series: Designed for beginners, kids, and mid-level surfers. These Peru Hybrid Softboard Models range from 4ft 2in up to 9ft. Board shape and template choices vary by size. Element is even used and proven in sanctioned surf contests.

HD School Series: This Hybrid Surfboard is built tough for Surf Instruction and Rental fleets. The HD Series softboard is designed to be a long-lasting fleet model. Sizes from 7ft 5in to 10ft. HD model Peru Hybrid Soft Surfboards are broad-nosed for easy surfing with wide and easy to ride shapes.

Suntech Series: High Performance. These Hybrid Softboard Models offer advanced shapes with thinner noses, tails, and rails. Suntech Series includes industry-standard FCS compatible fin systems. The performance surfboard shapes are second to none and reduce the amount of drag in the water, giving you explosive surfboard performance that will allow you to be as radical as you want when riding Suntech Peru Hybrid Soft Surfboards.

Peru Hybrid Soft Surfboards Technology of a Winner
Technology of the Liquid Shredder Softboard
Peru Hybrid Soft Surfboards
Surfboards and SUP Stand Up Paddleboards made in Peru by watermen
Brand: Liquid Shredder
Manufacturer: Soft Surfboards
Model: Peru Surfboards and SUP Stand Up Paddleboards
Product ID: Peruvian Surfboards and SUP Stand Up Paddleboards
$299.00 New

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2 thoughts on “Peru Hybrid Soft Surfboards”

  1. Hi, just wanted to check with you as I bought your 6FT 9IN ELEMENT SOFT SURFBOARD for my 12 y.o son he has a bit of experience but he is having a hard time no going nose dive when catching a wave… he tried a cheap foam board same size and didnt have that problem. Any ideas ?? thanks in advance,

    • Hi Matt,
      Most foam boards are generally thicker/wider meaning more flotation. This is true of our EZ-Slider boards. The LS Element Series, like your 6’9, are more performance oriented. The foamies normally have a much wider nose which can reduce nose dive. He probably just needs to move back more when paddling and standing up.
      Also, it takes more wave “horsepower” on a thinner more performance shape like the 6’9 Element to push the same weight rider successfully.
      The LS 6’9 Element will be a little harder to master but once he gets dialed in, it will turn and rip much better than the foam board.

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