More than 100 years of board design experience and countless hours testing, developing, and refining culminates in the Liquid Shredder Inca Epoxy Fiberglass SUPs with a tough ABS plastic shell 

These epoxy sups are traditional glass paddleboards taken to the next level with Liquid Shredder shaping, engineering and quality. Inca series epoxy fiberglass SUPs are available in solid white with red or blue rail color options.

The Inca Series fiberglass paddleboard’s EPS foam cor, epoxy deck and bottom with a tough thermo-plastic shell. The microfiber pressure breathing vent reduces heat-induced internal pressure and minimizes the probability of skin delamination. With the Inca Series Sup’s quality and durability, you’ll be shredding surf for years to come.

Inca Epoxy SUPs are covered by our 90 Day Consumer Use Warranty.