Suntech HiPerf SUPs

Suntech HiPerf SUPs Paddleboards Peruvian Soft Hybrids

Suntech HiPerf SUPs Paddleboards are Peruvian Soft Hybrids and look like fiberglass boards but are constructed of high-tech materials. Our Suntech HiPerf SUPs paddleboards are all hand crafted and made from durable materials like sealed foam cell that does not absorb water, a dual aluminum stringer for maximum reinforcement, and covered with Anti-Delamination Vinyl that expands and contracts which temperature changes. Suntech  by Liquid Shredder is the stand up paddle board you need so you can enjoy hours of fun in the lake, river, your or at the beach and waves.  LS Suntech HiPerf SUPs are competition proven! CLICK HERE for Discount Codes

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Buy SUPs online Suntech SUP paddleboards are made in Peru and are covered by two USA and International Patents
Brand: Liquid Shredder
Manufacturer: Soft Surfboards
Model: Suntech Hi Performance SUP Paddleboards
Product ID: Suntech SUPs
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