Warranty Terms Conditions

Warranty Terms Conditions
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Product Warranties, Shipping Rules & Terms and Conditions of Purchase


We take great pride in the quality or our Original Liquid Shredder® Brand Surfboard, SUP, Bodyboard and Accessory lines. Below are Warranty Terms Conditions.


Liquid Shredder Peruvian Patented Board products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from date of purchase.

EZ-SliderSoft Board Products (surfboards, SUPS, Inflatable SUPs, Body & Skimboards are warranted for 90 days from purchase date

Storm Born Board Products (surfboards, SUPS, Inflatable SUPs, Body & Skimboards are warranted for 90 days from purchase date

All Epoxy Fiberglass Board Products are warranted for 90 days from purchase date.

Shred-X roto-molded SUP is warranted for 1 year from date of purchase.

Parts and Accessories are warranted for 90 days from purchase date.

Products purchased through Authorized Dealers (3rd parties) such as surf shops, Online Retailers, Outfitters, etc. must be registered at the above link within 30 days of purchase.  Not required for liquidshredder.com direct sales.

Soft Surfboards (SSI) will, for the original buyer, repair or replace with like merchandise certain model boards that prove defective, upon inspection by our technical staff, for a period of 365 days (or 90 days on all FSE/EZ-Slider and Epoxy/Fiberglass Models, parts and accessories)  from date of purchase.    Due to the nature of sports boarding, we cannot warrant the performance of any board or product size, shape or model for a particular use by any riders/consumers. Skill levels water conditions and other variables affect board choices.  Choose your board and other products and size carefully as used products cannot be returned.

 As with your automobile, boards that are wrecked, punctured, misused, snapped stringers, “Dings” and/or boards broken or fins, fin boxes, connectors, and screws lost or damaged due to impact, crushing, stresses, pressure or compression are not covered.  Simply put, if the normal engineered strength of the product is exceeded, it is not warranty covered.  Cosmetic flaws or minor scrapes bumps or dents caused by shipping or any cause that do not affect the functionality and performance of the product are not covered. Skin, printing, logos, etc. will fade with overexposure to sun and weather or can rub off and are not covered.  Some sunscreens, cleaners, and solvents will remove color and printing and are not covered.  Skin Repair Kits, replacement Fins, and Screws are available on the Parts & Accs pages. In many cases, wreck/impact damage can be easily repaired. Exposure to high or low temperatures, overexposure to the elements, normal wear and tear are not covered. Our boards and many of our products are “Hand-Made” so variations in fit and finish are expected and considered normal. If fit and/or finish of any product does not significantly affect product performance or quality it is not covered under warranty.  The warranty covers the original purchaser the original, dated proof of purchase is required.  SSI is not responsible for any direct or incidental costs, losses, injuries or damages incurred as a result of the use of the product.  SSI’s technical staff inspects and makes all decisions regarding defects and whether, or not, to replace or repair a product.  Decisions by the technical staff are final.  Product prices, color tones & specifications are subject to change without notice.  Products used by businesses or agencies (non-consumer uses) for commercial purposes including but not limited to rentals, tour operations, surf camps, life-saving, rescue, and instruction are not warranted. 

How Shipping Works: We make every effort to ship products within 24 working hours of receipt of your order, during the current Supply Chain Issues, it may take longer, online orders generally process much quicker than phone-in orders.  As an example, if you order Monday we attempt to ship Tuesday.  If you order Friday, we ship Monday.  Holidays are the same.  Our Website Surfboard orders are normally shipped via UPS  Ground®  or other Carrier from our closest warehouse, based on availability, and usually takes 2-7 days depending on your distance from the warehouse.  Remember to add a day for order processing.   Online orders receive automated tracking information via UPS or other carriers at the time of pickup so you can keep up with your order’s shipping progress.  Listed shipping prices and special shipping offers are based on USA 48 State shipping only.  Some exceptions apply for ferries, tolls, restricted access, inside delivery, and other additional high-cost shipment options. Extremely oversized items must be shipped by Common Carrier (trucking company). Truck shipments require damage inspection on delivery and adult acceptance signature.

Discount Shipping and Free Shipping Specials: In the event a sale is not completed due to return, incorrectly provided shipping address, failure to pick up the product from shipping company, freight damage or any other reason beyond SSI’s direct control, any and all shipping and handling costs incurred by SSI become the responsibility of the buyer and will not be refunded.  Most Surf & SUP boards are considered “oversized” by carriers and very expensive to ship.  Many returns are not economically feasible due to the high costs of shipping.  Return cannot be made without a suitable carton, these are available at buyer’s expense they range in price from $35 for small surfboards up to $75 or more for paddleboards, these require assembly by the customer on arrival.

Porch Piracy and Parcel Deliveries: All small parcel items that are shipped via UPS, FedEx or US Postal service do not require receipt signature, unless requested in writing by the buyer at the time of purchase, for an additional charge.   These items are tracked and considered “delivered” when the parcel company updates tracking indicating successful delivery.  Unless a signature is requested, in writing, US Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx leave items on your porch or other areas convenient to the delivery driver.  SSI is not responsible for items missing or stolen from the delivery point. If you desire confirmed signature delivery please notify us in writing, on your order, at the time you place it.

Closeout Sale Products:  From time to time overstocks of New, Older Items are discounted for online sales.    Each of these new, but older generation products, is individually inspected prior to shipment.  These products are sold “as is” no refunds or warranty.

Freight Shipment “Oversized & Damage:  Is rare, but can occur, and is the responsibility of the carrier. 

An undamaged box does not mean an undamaged product…. A damaged box does not always mean a damaged product  OPEN AND INSPECT ON DELIVERY!

We pack and ship thousands of units per year and very few are damaged. In normal use boards and especially softboards are subject to some scuffing and minor denting.  Minor freight cosmetic scuffs and softboard dents are normally not claimable or considered a warranty issue.  Freight claims are for catastrophic damages. All claims must be reported, in writing on the delivery receipt, with the carrier immediately, before the driver leaves your location, and noted on the delivery receipt, in writing.  To avoid customer responsible storage fees, return fees or additional service fees by the carrier customer must arrange delivery within 3 working days of notice by the carrier. SSB always Fully Insures each shipment for the full price you paid.  We use only well-established freight companies such as FedEx, USPS and UPS, XPO, Estes Freight and other Carriers to deliver products.  Inspect your delivery immediately, before the delivery driver leaves, and NOTE ANY DAMAGE AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY WITH THE DELIVERY PERSON in writing on the shipping receipt. Keep a copy of this driver signed damage document, the shipping box and the product.  Shipping cartons must be retained as proof of damage and for return of product.  No claim can be filed if cartons are discarded. Upon presentation of the written, properly documented, signed damage receipt SSI will arrange shipment to you of a replacement.  Failure to document damage at time of receipt on the Carrier’s delivery documentation will result in denial of a damage claim and SSI cannot replace the product.  Returns for freight damage are not allowed, a damaged product will be replaced if written, signed damage documentation and photos of the damaged box and product are provided, only.  cartons and packing must be retained as the carrier may wish to inspect them. All boards are insured against shipping damage but you must follow the Freight Company Rules.

Christmas & Holiday and all other shipments must be inspected as described above…ON DELIVERY!  Do not simply store them away without following the above listed procedures!

Returns: Any product may be returned in new, unopened condition within 15 days of delivery for a full refund, less any freight and/or handling charges incurred by SSB.  All freight, packing and handling charges (both ways) are the responsibility of the buyer. Any order change or cancellation of an order, once shipped, is considered a return as shipping and other costs will have been incurred.  In the case of “Special”, “Discounted” or “Free” shipping offers, the buyer is responsible for All Shipping, Handling, Transaction and other Costs incurred by SSI, plus the return shipping.  Boards in new condition but with opened retail packaging can be returned minus all freight/handling and a 30% restocking fee.  Used product or product not in new condition may not be returned. To obtain a Return Authorization (RMA), email: info@liquidshredder.com detailing order number and reason for return. Items may not be returned without RMA code.  No return can be made without the suitable carton. Return cartons are available at buyer’s expense they range in price from $35 for small surfboards up to $75 for paddleboards, these require assembly by the customer on arrival. Used Products cannot be returned 

To make a Warranty Claim the buyer shall contact SSI to pre-qualify for a potential claim. Upon initial approval, a Return Authorization will be issued.  Buyer will return the product, at the buyer’s expense, with DATED PROOF OF PURCHASE and a written explanation of the problem to SSI where it will be inspected for defects.  A product given final approval for warranty repair or replacement by the SSB technical staff will be returned to the buyer, freight collect. Products returned without Warranty Return code cannot be accepted.

Legal: The terms and conditions of this Contract shall be construed, interpreted and enforced in accordance with the applicable laws of the State of South Carolina. If any legal action is necessary to enforce the terms and conditions of this Contractual Agreement, the parties agree that the jurisdiction and venue for bringing such action shall be in the appropriate court in Charleston County, South Carolina. The prevailing party in any action to enforce the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall collect all reasonable costs and expenses incurred in such action, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees.

Warning:  Board Sports a water environment are considered extreme sports.  As such, there is the potential of serious injury or death.  Only strong swimmers over the age of 12 years should participate.  Youngsters should always be under direct adult supervision.  Use of a Personal Flotation Device, PFD, and head protection is required.  You should consult your physician regarding your physical condition before participating in these or any other strenuous sports.  If you are not willing to accept these risks, do not use our products.