Peruvian Models Technical Information

Peruvian Models Technical Information

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Patented Peruvian Boards Owners Manual    Patented Peruvian Liquid Shredder Surf and Paddleboards are made to last.  Unlike traditional foam boards a rider can, with minimal effort, make repairs and maintain their unique Hybrid Liquid Shredders.  Care & Feeding of your Patented Liquid Shredder videos are linked below.  These include useful tips on repairs plus understanding the unique construction of the Original Patented Peruvian Soft Surfboards. Some General Info at This Link

1) General Board Construction

2) Aluminum Carbon Stringer System

3) Replace Gore-Tex Vent

4) Installing Soft Surfboard Fins

5) Skin Puncture Repairs

6) Repair Rub Rails and Internal Tail Seal