SUPer Armor Paddleboards Epoxy ABS SUPs

SUPer Armor Paddleboards Epoxy ABS SUPs

SUPer Armor Paddle boards Epoxy ABS SUPs By Liquid ShredderSUPer Armor Paddleboards Epoxy ABS SUPs

Liquid Shredder SUPer Armor Paddleboards Epoxy ABS SUPs – are available in two sizes. Both are great for anyone looking to get into Stand up paddle boarding.  SUPer Armor Paddleboards are Epoxy with an ABS Thermoplastic Shell. They’re tough, lightweight and truly perfect for beginner entry-level or Advanced SUP paddlers.   Liquid Shredder ABS Armored Epoxy is a stable and user-friendly SUP. The ABS outer SUPer Armor ABS is vacuum applied. This laminate application technology is used in Advanced Fifth Generation Aircraft like the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II.  This vacuum applied ABS Polymer coating is practically indestructible. The shell of the SUPer Armor is as tough as they come.  The all-around SUP long board shape has a rounded nose and squash tail for that long, smooth glide.  The Fin system guarantees a straight track on rivers, lakes, and oceans. The Liquid Shredder SUPer Armor Paddleboard is perfect in the surf!

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