Kids' Surfboards

Is your child interested in learning to surf? At Liquid Shredder, we have boards that are suitable for kids and beginners. The best kids’ surfboard for the beginner is both lightweight and has enhanced safety. Because of the use of foam, our surfboards for children are safer and more affordable.

Surfboards for beginner kids will get them into the sport where they can advance their skills and have fun. With younger members of the family looking to action sports, this just might be the ticket to fun as well as outdoor enjoyment.

What are the materials for kids’ surfboards?

Your child may fall off the surfboard; if they hit their head, our foam material cushions the shock. For that reason, it is safer. The material is similar to what you might find in the insoles of your sneaker or in the mat you bring to yoga class.

The soft foam board is known as a “foamie” and is ideal for kids. Foam might be of EPE, EPA or EPS and is used commonly in a variety of items. Foam boards will not tire your child as easily, as they are more lightweight than traditional resin boards.

Who designs Liquid Shredder surfboards for kids? 

Our soft top surfboards are designed by surfers in the United States with input from an international design team of surfers from Peru and other countries. Our surfing experts have over 140 years of combined experience in surfboard performance, construction, and materials. Liquid Shredder’s original Soft Surfboards were designed for our kids in the USA, and the children of our partners in Peru.Every foam surfboard is thoughtfully created with surfing safety, surfboard quality and durability as primary objectives.

What sizes of surfboards for kids are best? 

The best surfboards for kids are the smallest sizes; these range from 4 feet to 6 feet depending on the weight of your child. Boards in this size range are designed for kids that weigh up to 95 pounds. Those with a height of up to 5 feet can use this board.

Kids or teens that are taller than 5 feet or weigh more than 150 pounds should use the 7 to 8 feet boards.

Kids’ surfboards — let the excitement begin

Liquid Shredder boards have been used in surf camps and tested in waves. Ordering kids surfboards online helps get your child into the sport, with safety as a priority.

The excitement of surfing swells, waves and whitewater can be part of their fun. Finding the right board is easy; choose from a variety of different designs, sizes and colors.

A great benefit: Free shipping is included with surfboards for beginners!

Shop our high-quality kids’ surfboards today! Choose the design and size that best suits your child and begin (or continue) the fun of surfing.

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