Pro Series Peru Hybrid Paddleboards

Surfer Riding a Wave with the Pro Series Peru Hybrid Paddleboard | Liquid Shredder
Pro Series LS SUP in Action

Are you ready for some playtime on the water with standup paddle boarding? Browse our extensive range of Pro Series Peru Paddleboards to find one that meets your specific needs, whether you want to ride the lake, river, or the vast ocean. Choose from stand up paddleboards designed for beginners, racers, kids, lightweight riders, advanced riders, whitewater riders, and many more uses.

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Paddleboards offer a great recreational opportunity in a fun and relaxed manner, allowing you to take it slow and become one with nature. Besides enjoyment, it provides a great workout too and is a wonderful way to enjoy the huge expansive water views.

However, when it comes to any water sport, finding the right type of equipment that is safe and secure is essential. Plus it must match your specific requirement and skill level for optimum comfort and enjoyment. Our Pro Series Peru Paddleboards are safe, secure, reliable, and durable while catering to varied needs. They’re the best investment you’ll ever make in water sports equipment.

Hybrid Paddleboards for Every Skill & Weather Condition

Our Pro Series Peru Paddleboards collection is designed to cater to not only users with different skills levels but also a wide range of water conditions. From standup paddleboards for kids and beginners to wave riding enthusiasts and nuanced experts in riding the whitewaters and other extreme conditions, our product line up covers it all.

Be it Performance Stand Up Paddleboards, White Water River Paddleboards, high performance Race Hybrid SUPs, or the custom and historic Tribute Caballito de Totora, we have it all. No matter what your needs or skill level, you’re sure to find the SUP that meets your specific needs, right here.

Soft, Super Light Weight, and Resistant SUPs

Constructed of unique patented high-tech and durable materials, our Pro Series Peru Hybrid Paddleboards are soft and super lightweight albeit resistant and durable. Highly safe and secure, these handcrafted soft boards offer protection from injuries and cuts to the head, legs, or elsewhere on the body. These are truly family-friendly boards, with fins that are soft and flexible too, to avoid bruising and cutting the skin.

Made from sealed foam cell that resists water absorption, the SUPs remain lightweight and move smoothly. Plus they’re equipped with a valve that keeps the body free of air and prevents it from getting bloated with water, making it even lighter and faster. In addition they are covered with anti-delamination vinyl that expands and contracts with temperature changes, making it suitable for all types of weather conditions. The dual aluminum stringer provides maximum reinforcement and the Goretex venting equalizes pressure.

For those of you looking for a fun way to enjoy time on the water, these cutting-edge paddleboards are the ultimate option, gliding effortlessly through the waters, while offering great stability and reliability.

Get Pro Series Peru Hybrid Paddleboards Today

Surfing and paddle boarding have their origins on the Peruvian Coast of South America – where our Pro Series Peru Paddleboards are inspired from. Competition tested and proven, our SUPs are designed for safety and security, offering family-friendly and fun adventures.

If you haven’t tried our Pro Series Peru Hybrid Paddleboards, you’re missing out on a great recreational opportunity. Order our Pro Series Paddleboards online and enjoy free shipping. Check out our Hybrid SUPs. Contact us with any questions today!