Surfboards for Beginners

Delta 8 pre rolls are made of CBD Flower, and should be smoked.Liquid Shredder EZ Sliders have been acclaimed worldwide as arguably the best beginner surfboards. Widely used at surf schools around the world, they offer the stability beginner surfers (both adults and kids) need to successfully catch their first waves.

What Is a Good Beginner Surfboard?

When you’re itching to get out in the water and catch your first wave, it’s easy to think any old board will do. As a beginner, it’s important you have the right surfboard though, otherwise, it’s going to be much more difficult to learn and progress your skills.

Different surfboards have different characteristics. For example, a smaller board might be more agile, but it doesn’t offer the same stability as a larger board like the Liquid Shredder EZ Slider. This means it’s much easier to start out with a beginner surfboard so you have a good platform to catch your first waves.

The more you practice, the more confident you will become out on the water, and you might want to look at something more advanced at this point, but to start out with, it’s hard to beat the Liquid Shredder.

Things to Consider When Buying a Beginner Surfboard

When you turn up at a surf school and ask about boards, one of the first things they will say to beginners is “go big.” More volume means the board will float better, making it easier to paddle, and crucially, stand up on your board.

Everyone wants to get past the beginner phase and experience the joys of catching big waves, but you can’t skip this stage. You need to learn the basics, and it’s likely you’ll do this more quickly with a board that makes it easy for you.

It’s also important to consider you’re likely to have at least the odd fall. While you’re getting accustomed to surfing, it’s nice if those falls are on a soft surface without pointy edges, and this is where the foam options stand out as the best beginner surfboards.

Acclaimed Worldwide for Helping People Learn How to Surf

If you want to learn to surf quickly and effectively, then take a look at what the surf schools are doing. Liquid Shredder EZ Sliders are extremely popular with surf schools for many reasons:

  • Great platform for learning on
  • Easy to maintain
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Value for money

This is exactly what you want as a beginner surfer. You want a board that makes it easy to run out into the water, practice your skills, and handle your wipeouts!

Of course, your dream might be to reach a higher level where you no longer need a beginner surfboard, but that will come in good time. In the beginning, it’s better to have something that offers good value and allows you to safely build your confidence.

The Ideal Beginner Surfboards

Liquid Shredder offers a variety of beginner surfboards to suit your needs.

We want to see you out on the water enjoying your surfing, and with these large, high-volume soft boards, that’s exactly what you can be doing. Offering stability, durability, easy maintenance, and value for money, we’re the perfect place to get your beginner surfboards online.

Check out our beginner boards today!

Surfboards for Beginners
The best soft surfboards are made by Liquid Shredder for kids and beginners
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