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Surfboards Paddleboards On Sale free shipping at the On-Line Surfboard Shop Sale by Liquid Shredder. Overall, the largest selection of beginner soft surfboards, foam surfboards, surfboards for kids. In addition, paddleboards for touring, paddleboards for surfing, and yoga stand-up paddleboards.  Clearly, we offer a full line of discount surfboards and wholesale surfboards. Liquid Shredder has beginners surfboards surfing boards. All in all, a huge selection of surf and paddling boards for every surf rider or paddler’s requirements.

Liquid Shredder In the News

EZ Slider Liquid Shredder foam Surfboards are in surf shops and are the go to soft surfboards for surf camps and surf schools.  When the cameras go to these surf venues or celebrity surf lessons in Miami Beach, you’re likely to see our soft top surfboards as the high-quality choice of surfing professionals worldwide.  See stories on the NBC Today Show or in the UK Daily Mail.

All Surfboards And Paddleboards Ship Free to USA 48 States

Soft Surfboards on sale and stand up paddleboards for sale! Liquid Shredder board company is the original super Brand of Surfboards for sale, SUPs, and Paddleboards is having a huge surfboard sale on surfboards for beginners soft top surfboards, foam surfing boards, beginners surfboards, fiberglass surfing boards, mini mals, longboards, swallowtail surfboards, fish surfboards, fun shapes by the best surfboard shapers and surfing board designers.  All Liquid Shredder Surfboards and Paddleboards On Sale include Free Shipping. A huge selection of foam surfboards, beginner soft surfboards plus surfboards for kids, including paddleboards for surfing and the best touring paddleboards.  We also make yoga stand up paddleboards.  Click the link for lots of information on beginner surfboards.

Beginner Surfboards to Meet Your Needs

Liquid Shredder has surfing boards and paddling boards for every surf rider or stands up paddler’s needs. It’s clear, Liquid Shredder makes the beast surfboard foamie. Our child surfboards are world-renowned as the best surfboards for kids. From Maui to Kona over to Malibu the OC, OBX, and Cocoa Beach Liquid Shredder is the online local surf shop for tens of thousands of surfers. We have the largest selection of Beginner surfing boards, small kid’s soft surfboards, longboards, fish shape, and single fin surfboards.  Join the Fun because of all of our Surfboards SUPs Paddleboards Soft Top Boards are On Sale! At Liquid Shredder surfboards, we define stoke.


All Liquid Shredder Surfboards and Stand Up Paddleboards have a full written Warranty.  Liquid Shredder is the best surfboards for kids on sale online and SUP paddleboards for sale online are covered by our written warranty ensuring Liquid Shredder board co makes the best surfboards. The Liquid Shredder surfboard and paddleboard sale offer low price surfboards but cheap surfboards are not in our surfboard quiver.  Beginner surfboards!

Liquid Shredder’s Selection of Surfboards, SUPs, Paddleboards, & Softboards


Liquid Shredder EZ-Slider beginner surfboards are the favorite of surf schools around the world.  We make the best Surfboards and high-quality SUPs Paddleboards. Not to mention, our surfboards are available in Patented Peruvian handcrafted and lovingly shaped surfing boards. Also, our lines include softboards, foamy soft top surfboards, SUP soft paddleboards, SUPer Armor Epoxy, and Inflatables. Softboards EZ Slider Soft Top beginners surfboards are low price and high-value surfing boards recognized as easy to ride and durable surfing boards.  The longboards fishtail and fun shaped soft surfboards we make are great boards to learn to surf.  Blackball Beater Board like our EZ Slider and Peruvian-made Ghost Blackball Beater surfboard shapes rule the category. In addition, Liquid Shredder also provides a great selection of Hi-Quality Bodyboards and Skimboards for every rider. Now, browse our Surfboard Sale and save on discount surfboards.

20+ Years Of Surfboard, Paddleboard, Bodyboard and Skim Design

In fact, Liquid Shredder Surfboards SUPs Paddleboards and Foam Softboards are the Original Soft Surfboards ®.  Since 1999 we’ve manufactured Advance Technology, Patented Hybrid soft surfboards, SUPs paddleboards, bodyboards, and skimboards. Plus, Rescue boards, Rescue PWC sleds also used in tow-in surfing by big wave surfers and stand-up paddleboards. Liquid Shredder is the best way to get the most out of your wave riding experiences. Our International Surf Design Teams has over 140 years of combined experience. Specifically, from the USA and Peru. Then, they create innovative beginner surfboards and SUPs. Liquid Shredder Surfboards Paddleboards On Sale all ship free. Finally, we test our work in sanctioned Contests across the globe.  Soft Surfboards has supported amateur surfing organizations since our founding.  These include the ESA Eastern Surfing Association on the USA East Coast and the WSA Western Surfing Association in California and the USA Pacific Coast.

Real-World Testing

Our full range and even our beginner surfboards are subjected to the largest surf in the world. Now, you can learn to catch surf with LS technology and quality. What are Liquid Shredder surfboards made of? Liquid Shredder offers more types of materials than any other manufacturer. Also, hundreds of surf camps and instructors use thousands of Liquid Shredder boards daily. Hence, we query them for input regarding the performance and durability of our boards. Surely, a surf shop near me sells Liquid Shredder surfboards? Certainly, if they don’t they should!


Liquid Shredder Soft Surfboards ® SUPs Paddleboards designs, tests, and manufactures a wide range of beginner surfboards, performance surfing boards, SUP standup paddleboards, epoxy surfboards, bodyboards, skimboards, and accessories since 1999. Buy soft boards SUPs foam surfboards standup paddle boards Soft Surfboards ® surf lifeguard water safety search and rescue PWC towable Jetski Sleds. A full selection of Surfboards Paddleboards On Sale are available. Liquid Shredder Soft Surfboards ® and SUPs Paddleboards Surfboards for beginners surfboard plus high performance, competition-tested soft boards, and paddleboards for every skill level. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Venmo, PayPal or Pay Later PayPal Plans.

Surfboards Free Shipping at Your Online Surf Shop and Wholesaler

But, you don’t need to go to a surf shop near me to catch surf. So, if you don’t have a surfboard, searched Google or Bing surfboards or you’ve lost surfboards in the past check your local surf report and buy the best quality soft beginner surfboards and stand-up paddleboard SUPs. Although designed for kids and beginners they’re great for advanced surfers and SUP paddle boarders buy online in the USA.  Wholesale surfboards and wholesale standup paddleboards are available to retail surf shops, inland outfitters. Plus, kayak stores, surfboard rental, paddleboard rental programs, surf schools, surf camps, SUP touring, SUP lessons, and other sporting goods companies.  


Finally, as established, Surfing was invented in Peru! Liquid Shredder Softboards SUPs Paddleboards and Surfboards Series of Patented boards are made in Peru. The Pacific coast of Peru is where surfing was invented. Over 3500 Years ago, SUP stand-up paddle board Surfing was widespread on the Pacific Coast of South America. Invented by Native Americans, worshipers of the Sun Disc the “Sea Pony Made of Reeds” was used for sport and fishing. Thus, this Reed Pony was depicted in ceremonial artistic ceramics found in an Inca pyramid tower. Clearly, dated back to 1500 BCE. To sum it up, Liquid Shredder Patented Peruvian Soft Surfboards SUPs Paddleboards have a Heritage that dates back thousands of years.

Providing Liquid Shredder Soft Top Surfing Boards, SUPs, Paddleboards, Surfboards. Our company, Soft Surfboards®, has been dedicated to supporting LS Board Riders worldwide for over two decades. We make surfboards for kids, beginners and pros.

Wholesale Surfboards and Standup Paddleboards (SUP) Liquid Shredder Dealerships

We want to share the International Brand strength of Liquid Shredder with others! Soft Surfboards, Inc. wholesales a selection of our Liquid Shredder boardsports products to companies that reflect our brand values. Liquid Shredder is accepting new wholesale surfboard and SUP dealership requests for season 2021.  Liquid Shredder has a large network of retailers in the watersports category selling our Liquid Shredder brand surfboards, paddleboards, bodyboards, and skimboards.  If you are interested in carrying our surfboards and other boardsport products in your retail store please fill out this form

International Surfboard and SUP Brand Distribution

With a 20+ year, strong Surf Brand reputation in the Western Hemisphere, Soft Surfboards, Inc. is seeking International Distribution partners to take Liquid Shredder into new, uncharted surf and SUP domains.  If your Sports Category organization is looking for a Partner in surfboards, paddleboards, skimboards, and bodyboards, we have the export pricing, product availability, and Brand Strength to ensure a successful partnership.  Join The Liquid Shredder Revolution fill out the form Click Here

Ask the Surfboard Shop: What Board Should I Get?

There’s nothing quite like being out on the waves and in the water, connecting with nature and reinvigorating your zest for life while riding waves and getting some sun. But for those that want to start surfing, it’s not easy to know where to start. Not only do surfboards come in dozens of different sizes and shapes, but they’re also made out of different materials and are also rated for different activities, meaning that you could need an entirely different set of surf gear each time you head out on the water.

The good news is that there’s a method to the madness. Surfboard shops sell different types of surfboards because there are different demands of riders when they’re out in the water. Beginner surfers will do better with a longboard — they’re easier to balance and stand on while you’re developing your surfing balance — while experienced surfers can ride it all.

Surfboard Construction

While surfboards can be made from just about anything that floats, the most common surfboards are made from soft-top foam, polyurethane, epoxy and wood. Soft-top surfboards are easier for beginners and those that want to spend time atop their board and not in the water, though you won’t be able to match the performance of other types of boards designed for tricks and carving.

That said, even expert surfers can find a use for a soft-top board, especially with short soft-top hybrids that can give you those massive cuts and switchbacks that you’d expect from a modern shortboard.

While they’re not necessarily ubiquitous in surfboard shops today, wooden surfboards were the only viable option for much of human history. However, they are heavy, making them difficult to maneuver, and they’re expensive, so it’ll also hit your wallet.

Polyurethane boards, on the other hand, are cheap, easy to repair and flexible, as well as giving more control to the rider in choppy environments. But they also damage easily with dents over time, though easy repair at your local surfboard shop can get that board back into tip-top shape.

Another type of common surfboard material is epoxy, which is durable, lighter and more environmentally friendly than PU options. They often cost more and are less stable on choppy water, but some prefer to buy these boards at surfboard shops because they’re better for smaller waves that would be more difficult on a heavier poly board.

Surfboard Shapes

Generally, surfboards fall into five different categories, primarily organized by size or shape. There’s the shortboard — boards that are five to seven feet in height — made for tricks and stunts on the waves. With thin rails and pointed noses, their maneuverability is great, though they’re not ideal for beginners because they’re hard to learn on.

For slower, smaller waves, fish boards — which are typically five foot to six-foot-six — are wider and shaped like a fish, though they have a lot in common with shortboards. They’re more stable than shortboards, but still not great for beginners.

Most surfers, particularly beginners, actually use longboards. They’re often more than nine feet long, making them stable and easy to paddle and stand on. For choppy surf or small waves, a longboard is ideal.

Other boards you can buy at your local surfboard shop include the funboard — a kind of stopgap between shortboards and longboards — that are more stable than shortboards and more maneuverable than longboards and gun boards, which are designed for experts that surf big waves — and they’re decidedly not for beginners!

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