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Black Ball Beater boards sizes and their expanded width andBeater Boards increase flotational volume make them perfect rad experienced surfer, beginners, and for kids.  Many more shapes, styles, and sizes of the beater soft top surfboards are now seen on beaches, behind wake surf boats, and standing waves on river rapids worldwide.  Liquid Shredder uses stronger and lighter materials that make beater soft boards all the rage with beginners and even professional surfers.   You can use these surfboards finless, like a bodyboard, but they are still large and floaty enough to be real rippers as standup surfboards.   Factually, black ball defeating surfboards have made the transition to a fully accepted standup surfing board, ever ridden by professional surfers.  Also, beaterboards are a great surfboard for small kids who are just learning to surf and ride the waves.  These surfing boards are wide and stable most have a twin fin setup that allows the surfboard to turn easily.  Often, a newbie young surfer will grab a blunt-nosed wide beater style surfboard and learn to surf in almost no time at all.

A Liquid Shredder Black Ball Surfboard a must-have surfing board board to your quiver for a number of reasons: They are inexpensive. A Black Ball beaterboard allows you to ride smaller mushy waves Clearly, they are a blast in the shoe=re pound (shore-breaks) beat them around and pound them. You need not worry about quality or snapping that expensive fiberglass epoxy surfboard.
Soft Surfboards made of foam are hard to delaminate, snap or to waterlog. These are possibly the greatest beginner surfboards.
And, as an added feature they can often be ridden on beaches where surfing is restricted.

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