Peru Hybrid Care


All Patented Original Liquid Shredder® Soft Surfboards® have closed cell Expanded PolyStyrene core which is sealed and then enclosed in a special thermo-sealed vinyl outer skin.
This Hi-Tech patented structure also has a very tough, rigid wooden stringer to provide long durability.
Our original Peruvian Soft Surfboards® are different from fiberglass surfboards and other foam sponge boards, and there is some special care suggested in the storage and transportation of your board.  More Info a this Link
1. Take care of ANY surfboard…
Always use your padded board bag to protect your board when you go to the beach or when you are traveling around, this will prevent the edges of your board from getting damaged, but above all, it will protect it against sharp objects that could damage your board’s outer skin. You will also avoid leaving those awful wax stains on the roof of your car and on other boards. The adjusting belt and the board bag’s handle are easy to use and will help you transport your board around easily and safely. When you store your board you should always use your padded board bag.Surfboard Bags      Paddleboard Bags
Placing your Racks…
If you are going to use your Racks to transport your Liquid Shredder® on the roof of your car, make sure to install your special Soft protectors on the Rack belts, in order to avoid the edges from getting damaged when you tighten the belts. If you don’t have the special protectors, purchase waterpipe insulation as Home Depot, Lowes or a hardware store.
 2. Fin Installation – Click here
USE3. Waxing your board…
It’s necessary that you put wax on your board’s deck so that you don’t slip when surfing. Or, you can purchase an anti-slip deck kit. Use the surf wax suggested for the temperature of the water, in order to get the maximum grip. The proper way to wax your board is by making circles, trying to create these small wax “bumps” of approximately 1cm each in order to provide more traction and grip for your feet. You can find surf wax in any surf shop for about $1 or $2 dollars.
Adjusting your fins…
It is recommended to check the screws that hold the fins periodically, as well as the leash drain/plug, to stop them from loosening. Adjust them with a coin. If it’s necessary, cut the tip of the screws if you think they are not tightening enough, as described below in the drain screw.
Drain plug/screw…
Check periodically (for example every ten sessions) to make sure the drain screw is tight, adjusting it gently with a coin. This is the only access point into your board’s interior, because the fin and the leash plugs are sealed to avoid any water infiltration. If the screw is not tightening enough after a while, take it out and cut with a saw one or two threads off of the screw’s tip so it grips better.This screw is very practical, because it offers the ability to drain the water in your board whenever necessary. This will always ensure that your board stays nice and light.
It’s perfectly normal for your Liquid Shredder® to have some air inside the vinyl cover and this will be more obvious when your board is exposed to the sun or inside a hot vehicle. This is because the vinyl cover is not glued to the foam, but rather contracted elastically.When there is an excess of heat, the internal air pressure expands the vinyl, but when the board cools down -like for example when you go into the water- the internal air contracts and the vinyl returns to its original shape.This new patented system has a great advantage, because there will never be any delaminating problems with your board. On the contrary, if you think there is an excess of air in your board, use the drain screw, take it out and then press and push the vinyl gently with your hands in order to make sure the excess of expanded air comes out.
Care of your board …
Your Liquid Shredder® board does not ding or delaminate, but you must always make sure to not bump, drag, or rest your board on piercing objects such as sharp rocks, reef, fiber fins, nails or rusted metal racks, whether it’s in storage or on the roof a car, because this could puncture and make a hole in your board’s vinyl cover and allow water or sand to get inside. You should always use the Liquid Shredder® padded board bag to protect it  NEVER expose the board to Freezing or Excessively High Temperatures.

Carry it properly …
When you carrying it, don’t dig the tip of your fingers into the board, carry it gently with both hands, and you will avoid any dings or problems.
Repair …If the vinyl cover scratches or tears, you can call the Sunset Repair Service and we will go to your house, or wherever you keep your board, and if you wish do it yourself with the Sunset Repair Kit and avoid any water or sand from getting inside your board.
Never use your board if the vinyl cover is punctured.
As an emergency measure you can Duct tape, or a good PVC sticker, but make sure you clean the board’s surface really well first.
6. Cleaning your board…
When you want to clean your board, leave it under the sun until the wax melts and then peel it off with a comb or wax removal device to make the job even easier. Once it’s clean use a rag and a little mineral spirits to clean any remaining particles.
Your Liquid Shredder
® will look brand new!!!
Also, clean the board’s bottom with some spot remover as well.
Storing your board…
After you surf, we recommend you place your board nose up and in the shade. When you want to store it for a long period of time, never lay the board flat and make sure there is no water inside by removing the drain screw, and your board will be stored dry and will remain nice and light.  Boards are designed to operate in “normal” temperature ranges.  Freezing temperatures and excessive heat can damage your board and are not covered under the Warranty.
Always protect your board with a padded board bag.