Surfboard Padded Travel Bags


Protect your valuable Surfboard investment. Liquid Shredder Brand “Peruvian Designs” SUP Paddleboard Padded Travel Bags to keep your Surfboard safe and secure from damage.  LS Surfboard board bags are available for most Brands and Sizes of Surfboards.  90 Day Warranty and Free Delivery Shipping.

Measure Your Board carefully exchange shipping is responsibility of the Buyer.



Surfboard Padded Travel Bags by Liquid Shredder

Liquid Shredder Brand “Peruvian Designs”Surfboard Travel Day Bags Protect your surfboard Investment!  Surfboard Padded Travel Bags are Official Liquid Shredder Brand and made for Your Liquid Shredder surfboard. Each is surfboard bag is padded to protect your favorite size Liquid Shredder SurfBoard.  Every Liquid Shredder board bag includes Carry Handle, Shoulder Strap and zipper system that never rusts of corrodes in saltwater.  Get fully geared up with a high quality, good lookin’ Liquid Shredder surf board bag.   Travel Bags by Liquid Shredder are made of the highest quality materials and world class workmanship. Protect your surfboard investment with Liquid Shredder surfboard bags.


90 Day Consumer Warranty!


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Surfboard Padded Travel Bags
Surfboard Padded Travel Bags