What is a Short Board Surfboard

What is a Short Board Surfboard

Short Board SurfboardShort Board Surfboard

You will see short board surfboards in professional surf contests.  You know, the custom surfboards, ripping pointbreak surf in all the movies. Short, generally under 7-feet with a pointy nose and narrow, 19 inches or even less in width.  These are known as the performance surfing boards.  Shortboard surfboard dimensions are narrow through the entire length which makes them easy to turn and rip.  This maneuverability comes at the expense of stability, making shortboards more difficult for most beginner surfers.  A larger more powerful wave is required to push a short surfing board up to plaining speed for the rider to stand and surf.  Some beginner surfboards are shortboard shapes but these are normally thicker to provide some more flotation.  When considering these for your first surfboard, remember shortboards are going to be more of a challenge to master.  Your weight should be well below the suggested rider weight and you need exceptional athletic skills and balance to learn to surf on a shortboard surfboard.  As a general rule, short surfboards are not the best choice for a beginner. It will likely be more frustrating and lengthen your learning curve.

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