Curbside Oversized Item Delivery

Curbside Oversized Delivery is Different than Small Parcel like FedEx.

These are Truck Line Deliveries, It is important to understand the difference.

1) For Residential Delivery, the Carrier will contact you to set a Delivery Appointment at a mutually determined time/date during the carrier’s normal hours of operation and delivery windows. To avoid customer responsible storage fees, redelivery charges or other special handling by the carrier, customer must agree to a delivery within 3 working days of notice by the carrier. Any additional services are the responsibility of the buyer. Items cannot be dropped off without inspection and adult signature. 

Business Address: Normally Truck Deliveries are made during Business Hours 9-5, Mon-Fri. Often its easier for you if we ship to a business address, please provide that address as “Ship To” at checkout.

2) Your Order will be delivered “CurbSide” or Delivery Loading Dock.  The Carrier’s driver will meet you in front of your home or office and hand the box(es) down to you to open and inspect.  At businesses with a Loading Dock, they can deliver to the Loading Dock.

3) A responsible Adult must INSPECT the shipment for Damage or Shortage and Sign Acceptance or Note any Issues Before Signing.  Any damage or issues must be written, in detail, on both copies of the Delivery Document and then signed by You and the Carrier Representative (Driver).  Once Damage is Noted you may Keep or Refuse the Shipment.  Well documented minor damage will be covered by the Carrier and is generally reasonable.   Keep your copy of all Carrier paperwork. Delivery Documents are your Contract between you and the Carrier acknowledging you are satisfied and releases the Carrier from damage or shortage liability. 

An undamaged box does not mean a shipping undamaged product…. A damaged box does not always mean a damaged product  OPEN AND INSPECT ON DELIVERY!

After signing there is no recourse without detailed damage claim exceptions written on the Delivery Receipt and signed by You and the Driver.

For more details see: Full Warranty, Shipping, Returns Terms: