What is a Funboard Surfboard

What is a Funboard Surfboard?Funshape surfboards Liquid Shredder

The Funboard Surfboard has grown in popularity in recent years. So, what is a fun shape surfboard? A fun shape surfboard is a hybrid surfboard. Simply put, a cross between a fish surfboard and a short board shape surfboard. Frankly, funboard surfboards are just that FUN!

So, what are the features of a Fun Shape Surfboard?

A Funshape Surfboard combines some of the best features of a few different surfboard shapes, making them extremely versatile. The Funboard surfboard design takes the higher flotational volume characteristics, such as extra volume, of a swallowtail fish surfboard. This increased volume adds stability while still maintaining the traditional rocker and basic template or outline of the original shortboard design. A funboard surfboard is perfect for your average surf, knee-high, and even larger wave conditions. Generally, Funshape surfing boards are between 6ft 6in and 8 feet, making it longer than a shortboard surfboard shape but not as long as traditional longboard surfboards. FunShape surfboards are a great choice for the surfer who wants to grab more waves and maintain the performance features of a short board surfboard all in one surfboard design.

Funboard Surfboard v. Shortboard

Funboard surfboards are typically wider with a rounder nose and thicker rails than a shortboard. This creates more buoyancy, which makes it easier to paddle. Shortboards are harder to control, whereas funboard surfboards have the stability needed to catch small waves.

Funboard Surfboard v. Longboard

A funboard surfboard is thinner along its nose, outline, and rails than a longboard. Even though a longboard is stable and allows you to catch small and big waves, they are harder to handle due to their size. Longboards can feel heavy and intimidating. Just like longboards, once you get the hang of a funboard surfboard, you can stretch your front foot out to the nose and control the board.

Funboard Shapes

A funboard surfboard can have pretty much any tail shape you can think of, such as pintails, squaretail, and many more. You can decide what tail shape you want depending on your skill level and what type of waves you like to surf.

With a funboard surfboard, you can surf a wide variety of waves in different conditions. You do not need to be good at surfing to ride a funboard. Due to the funboard’s added foam, it is perfect for small waves anywhere from waist to head height.

Funboards are all about having a good time and sharing smiles with your friends or family. A funboard enables you to focus on the fundamentals of surfing and provides a switch up of turns and carves. So whether you are learning to surf or wishing to have some fun, a funboard surfboard is the way to go.

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