Why would I stand up SUP paddleboard

Why would I stand up SUP paddleboard
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Why would I stand up SUP paddleboard when I can run, lift weights, swim or bike? Here are just a few of the benefits to your Health and Overall Fitness that make StandUp Paddleboarding a Complete Lifestyle activity!

  1. Get A Full Body Workout: Stand Up Paddling provides a full-body workout. Your toes, feet, ankles, and legs are engaged to keep you balanced on the paddleboard. The midsection “core” is pulled in tight for added stability. As your core and upper body are paddling you through the water you strengthen your shoulders, arms, and upper back, it really builds your strength from head to toe.
  2. Great Cardio: When you get strong enough to paddle longer on the SUP board, you will find yourself wanting to paddle more quickly and move more on it which will increase your heart rate in the process. SUP is an awesome activity that helps increase strength and cardio all in one.
  3. Stress Relief: Floating and enjoying the outdoors is a great way to relieve stress and clear your head. Good workouts are important for your overall strength and health. Mixing up your program a run, lifting weights, biking and paddleboarding break the monotony and keep you on track.
  4. SUP Develops Balance and Stability: The older we get, and when we need it the most, stability and balance begin to decrease.  SUPing is an entire balance workout from the time you step on the board until you get off.
  5. Low Impact: Why would I stand up SUP paddleboard? Running and other high impact activities have a place, but long term you need to get away and provide your body a break. Paddleboarding is a way to workout without putting intense stress on your joints, knees, hips and lower back.
  6. Core and Lower Back Strength: Once you develop a full paddle stroke you’ll pull in your abdominals in order to stabilize and keep from falling off. You will stronger midsection which strengthens the lower back and should decrease injury potential and less back pain.
  7. Social Community: Join the millions of SUP stand up paddlers across the Globe.  SUP meetups are a growing phenomenon on Social Media.  SUP Paddle group activities have become a new meet and greet activity.  Get out, get Social on your paddleboard!
  8. The Lakes: If you love fresh water, then there are all the great paddleboarding lakes especially in the USA: Lake Tahoe, Lake Champlain.  Here’s a shortlist of great SUP and paddleboarding lakes in America.  First, a quiet paradise, Lake Powell.  The great Mountain Lakes: Lake of the Ozarks and Big Bear Lake. Rampant fun destinations like Lake Havasu the party lake and Lake Shasta at the base of the mountains.  Down South, there’s Caddo Lake in Louisiana and Lake Lanier near Atlanta.  You could vacation and go paddleboarding at the volcano Crater Lake or at Table Rock Lake.  More perfect SUP paddling lakes than could be listed here dot the United States.

When shopping for the best paddle boards consider your options.  Paddleboards for sale include, Epoxy with EPS foam core,  Foam paddle boards, also called Soft SUP Paddleboards and Unique Peruvian Hybrid stand up paddleboards.   Trying to purchase paddle boards cheap can be counter productive, keep in mind, you often “get what you pay for”.

Liquid Shredder’s nearly 20 years of SUP development quality always tower above paddle boards made by many cheap paddleboard makers.

Why would I stand up SUP paddleboard should help you make a positive life decision? Join the Liquid Shredder Revolution!