Why should I take surf lessons

Why should I take surf lessonsWhy should I take surf lessons?

Surfing is something that lots of folks attempt on vacation, shelling out some cash to rent a board and give it a try at a beach location. so, why should I take surf lessons? Anyone who’s actually tried surfing knows that it’s a serious, total-body workout. Surfing is not a leisurely beach activity. It’s a challenge and can be a thrill.  You get to do it from the water while taking in the view of the beach. As an added bonus, surfers always just always seem so hip, cool and badass…who doesn’t want to be that?

As tempting as surfing may be, the idea of just jumping on board is intimidating if you’re a first-time rider. The Team Members at Liquid Shredder have given a few surfing lessons over the years.   It seems the students never really knew what to expect beforehand. Some had questions that they wished someone could have answered before they ventured into the waves.

Why should I take surf lessons?  Learning to Surf is a very challenging and enjoyable process. Once you catch your first wave, that’s it, you’ll be hooked! Awareness of the learning curve helps you prepare your attitude and expectations. Surfing is one of the most difficult and complex sports in the world. No two waves are the same, so the “court” is constantly changing. External forces like wind, tides and swells are affecting the waves you surf differently all the time.   Choosing the right surfboard will make or break the experience. It’s not about having the “coolest model”. It’s about having the correct length, volume, and rocker. The volume is the measurement of how much flotation the board has. It’s a function of length, width and thickness. So, when you start surfing, you want lots of flotational volume. Choose a board that is wide, thick, long and with a flat rocker.  This choice will help determine your level of surfing success.  For more information on Beginner Surfboards and Surfboard Sizes: CLICK HERE!

It is important after you have a few lessons and get dial into the general shape, size and volume beginner surfboard you need to buy “that” surfboard.  Kids surfboards are going to be smaller than adult beginner surfboards. If you buy a beginner surfboard that’s too small, you’ll likely never be able to ride it.  Don’t make the common mistake of purchasing one you think is cool, or a “rad” shape.  Go with what you know! You’ll have tons of fun, with the right equipment for you.