What is a Surfboard Longboard

What is a Surfboard Longboard?10ft HD School Soft Surfboard

The Classic, Surfboard Longboard, the long cruiser from old time Surf Movies.  These long logs inspired Surf Guitar music, bushy, bushy blonde hairdos, and Beach Bunnies across the globe. No other style of board is more recognizable than longboard surfing boards. From the early days of modern surfing, these 9-feet plus boards were easily sliding several hundred yards to the Waikiki Beach in Honolulu.  Sometimes in tandem with your best girl on board, literally.

Longboard Surfing Boards, Perfect for Surf Camps and Beginners

Longboard surfboards glide on the surface of the water.  A Longboard’s length, width, and thickness provide stability.  Paddling easier with more speed, making it easy for you to catch waves. So, regardless of your skill level, everyone can enjoy what a traditional longboarding experience has to offer.  Longboards are certainly the best boards for learning to surf.  Longboard Surfboards length and thickness allow for more stability.  This makes it easier to stand up and catch a wave.  So, longboard surfing boards provide the most stability, floatation, and ease of paddling of any boards.  Simple the perfect beginner surf boards.

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