What is a Soft Surfboard

What is a Soft Surfboard?Liquid Shredder Brand EZ-Slider Soft Surfboards

Surfer terms can be confusing. Some call our user-friendly surfboards: soft top surf boards, soft boards, foamy, or foam surfboards.  The surf terms foamie or softy surfboards are the perfect entry-level surfing boards for beginners.  They have a soft, safe, and user-friendly surface.  This durable construction resists expensive ding repairs and is very affordable. These beginner surfboards won’t bust your budget.  Soft boards are being used by beginners and winning contests even pros have joined in the softboard surfing fun.

Why Choose Soft Surfing boards

Soft Surfboards aka  Soft top surfboards are well-built, at a reasonable, affordable price. Softboards are available in a wide variety of surfboard shapes and lengths to meet every surfboard riders’ skill level and needs and most wave conditions. Foam soft boards are the perfect solution for those who are seeking fun out in the surf, and those experienced surfers wanting to have a new shredding thrill.

Foam surfboards are generally thicker and more “floaty” or buoyant.  The additional volume makes them more stable and an easier ride.  This is why Softie Surfboards are the first choice of surfboards for surf camps and schools across the globe.  These wide floaty boards shorten the learning curve and make those first wipe outs a lot more enjoyable. If you are looking for a beginner surfboard, Softboards are the right choice.

Recently, soft top surfboards have become the go-to fun ride for intermediate and advanced surfers because they make surfing fun and take some of the seriousness out of it. Soft top surfboards are perfect beater board.  These beater boards are affordable and can handle almost anything a serious rider and powerful waves can throw at them.

Soft Surf are pure funboards. We have the largest selection in size style and materials of any soft-top boards. YOu can choose surfboard shapes from a funboard surfboard or longboard surfboard to smaller fish surfboards and short boards.  You have come to the right place at the beach break or point break to take the plunge down the face of that next wave.

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