Water Sport Trends SUP Boarding

Water Sport Trends SUP Boarding

Water Sport Trends SUP Boarding

One of the fastest-growing Water Sports Trends SUP Boarding aka The SUP, as Stand Up Paddle Boarding is called in short,  is when you stand upright on a paddleboard and move forward on the water with the help of a paddle. On the one hand, this is very relaxing, because while doing SUP Boarding you can calmly explore the beauty of Nature’s surroundings – whether on a lake, a quiet river or on the sea.

At the same time, the Water Sport Trends SUP Boarding aka stand-up paddling is also a highly effective full-body workout. The effort required to stand on the board safely and move at the same time requires the whole body to be under tension. The continuous paddling and balancing on the SUP board trains the upper body, abdomen, and back as well as the entire deep muscles of the trunk and legs – in addition, it stabilizes the knee and ankle joints.  Also, your balance skills will improve enormously. SUP is thus a low impact, joint-gentle sport for a real full-body workout, which also rewards the paddler with quick success in coordinating and conditioning.

Another advantage of the stand-up paddling: Anyone can do it!

Whether young or old, athletic or untrained – thanks to the low cardiovascular load, the trend sport is just right for those who want to move in the fresh air. The only requirement is that you can swim well because you will most likely fall into the water at some point.  But, falling in is more than half of the fun.

How did stand-up paddling come along?

The actual inventors of the stand-up paddling certainly did not think too much about the fitness effects.   Standing and paddling is a tradition of Peruvian and Polynesian fishermen who have been moving upright in their vessels for centuries. Surfers in Hawaii took a look at this mode of transport in the 1950s to get to the reefs faster. From Hawaii, stand-up paddling has spread to athletes worldwide – and since celebrities like surfer Laird Hamilton and Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston have been spotted paddling, SUP is becoming a very popular sport.

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