Stand Up Paddle Boarding Yoga Poses

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Yoga Poses

As yogis look for more imaginative ways to practice their asanas, striking a pose on a stand-up paddleboard is one of the best – and most challenging! – ways to do yoga. Here are our favorite yoga poses to perform on a SUP to enhance your balance.  The premise of a floating SUP Yoga mat which is not terra firma requires more balance skills and concentration.

Child’s Pose

Begin this classic yoga pose with your navel above the board’s handle. Sink your hips back onto your heels while keeling and rest your forehead on the board. Extend your arms up the board or let them drape into the water.

Downward Dog

On your hands and knees push your hips up and back, slowly straighten your legs using your hands and feet to stable yourself on the board and balance. Look through your legs and focus on the horizon behind.


Testing your strength and balance, move forward from the Downward Dog and position your shoulders above your wrists. Create a long line from the top of your head to your heels then lock in your belly and raise up on your toes.  SUP yoga can make this well-known pose more exciting and rewarding.


From a kneeling position, extend your left or right leg and stabilize yourself on your foot of the forward leg and your full lower leg behind. Once you’ve stabilized, raise your arms in the air or out to the sides if you feel you’re wobbling.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Yoga adds a third dimension to the skill set required to master your poses.

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