Storm Born 4’11” Black Ball Beater Board Foam Surfboard is a beater board shape. Dims 4′ 11″ x 21″ x 2.9″, Weight 8.7lbs, Vol. 34lts. The custom Storm Surf bottom graphic defines every Storm Born’s tough organic epoxy, vacuum bag construction and performance breeding.  Novice rider weight 95lbs, experienced surfers understand it can handle more. Removable Tri-Fin Thruster FCS fin system clone. Fins included.  The advanced fabric webbing leash attachment system is stronger and eliminates a board penetration.  FREE USA 48 STATE SHIPPING!

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STORM BORN FOAM SURFBOARD 4′ 11″ is a Black Ball Beater performance soft top surfboard with Tri-Fins.  Surfing takes commitment and practice and Storm Born soft beater surfboards by Liquid Shredder are the perfect classic beater board shape surfboards that will help beginners up their game and are a true ripper for the experienced surfer!  Easy to catch waves with a mini Simmons profile that holds width through the entire length, making for easy, fast paddling. The clone FCS fins make it highly maneuverable.  The FCS style fin boxes allow for an infinite choice of fin styles and high replacement availability.  A true clone FCS thruster fin set of 5in fins is included.  Overall this shape and volume make it loads of fun as you catch one wave after another with our Storm Born Beater 59in shape performance soft foam surfboard.

Soft top surfboards are now super popular with pro surfers. Foam surfboards are the perfect surfboard to have in any surfer’s quiver.  Today, every surfer should have at least one soft surfboard size or shape.   And, even for the beginner, the Storm Born blackball beater foam surfboard will have you ripping on waves and honing your wave riding skills.

Perfect for the Skilled Surfer’s Quiver

This Liquid Shredder Storm Born 4ft 11″ beater board series foam surfboard for sale has been specially designed performance beater shape surfboard. It is suggested for novice riders with 95lbs weight, but more for experienced riders. Its dimensions are, 4′ 11″ x 21″ x 2.9″, Weight 8.7lbs, Vol. 34lts.  Advanced surfers love Storm Board soft top surfboards.

The Storm Board 4ft 11in blackball beater soft foam EPE surfboard deck gives it a great soft top with a strong EPS core with an HDPE hard slick, fast bottom. Plus this tough soft surfboard has dual wooden stringers for strength. Liquid Shredder’s advanced organic epoxy and vacuum bag technology bonds the materials into a virtual monocoque surfboard structure.  This process is used in high-end epoxy surfboard brands.

Another advantage of the Storm Born 4ft 11in beater surfboard is that, in many cases, can go finless as a beater board, so you can use it in a lot many places as it can ride just about any water condition.  Just unscrew and remove the clone FCS fins and you can go finless surfing.  No special adaptors or hardware is required.

The Storm Born 4 feet 11 inch feet blackball beater surfboard is a high-performing RAD Ripping foam beater surfboard. What’s more the beater surfboard style of the Storm Born thruster fin soft surfboard adds an element of fun to the challenge.  Liquid Shredder has perfected the beater tri-fin thruster soft surfboard with a rounded surfboard’s nose shape, low rocker, and a wide box tail.

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