Soft-Shred Surfboard Fins FCS


The flexible Safe-T edges of the Soft-Shred Surfboard Fin’s polyurethane leading and trailing surfaces greatly reduce the possibility of being fin cut compared to sharp, hard edge fins.  Plus they can decrease drag, increase turn stability and reduce the chance of injury.

Perfect for Storm Born Series Surfboards

5-Inch Tri Fin Thruster Set of 3 fins

FCS Compatible fin box system is required.

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Soft-Shred Surfboard Fins FCS Compatible are Safe-T

Safety surfboard fins
Safe-T flexible edges

Safe-T Soft-Shred Surfboard Fins are FCS-compatible surfboard fins with flexible full wrap edges designed to enhance your surfing performance and reduce the chance of being cut by your fins.  Perfect softer, safer fin upgrade for Storm Born Series Surfboards. Liquid Shredders exclusive Soft Shred leading-edge is flexible as you make a turn the pressure of water increases on the Safe-T edge and bends it, this flex of leading-edge increases the angle of attack much like turning a rudder. This allows smoother and even tighter turns. The flexible trailing edge is thin, yet not sharp, this allows water to flow smoothly with reduced drag and turbulence being created by the fins. These Soft-Shred surfboard fins increase both surfboard performance and safety. The flexible Safe-T soft polyurethane edges also greatly reduce the possibility of being fin cut compared to sharp, hard edge fins.


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Soft Shred FCS Fins
Soft-Shred Surfboard Fins FCS