Rescue PWC Tow Sleds Soft Hybrid



Designed to be towed by PWC (Jet Ski) for fast rescue. Rescue PWC Tow Sleds Soft Hybrid  62-inch & 71-Inch is lightweight and tough with aluminum stringer system (DAS). Padded handles for support and “last chance” loops. Nonslip deck.  LS PWC Sleds are in service with many USA Municipal Lifeguard, EMS, Police, Fire Departments, Peruvian National Police, Surf Rescue Divisions and SAR Divisions World Wide. Ideal for big wave surfing Tow-In.

The Sled includes:
1. Dual aluminum stringers are patented’ ultra-light, strong
2. Gore-Tex micro fiber air venting
3. Padded handles and “last chance” loop
4. Quick-release attachment
5. Soft edge protector all around
6. Slick white fast bottom
7. Anti-Slip Grip deck padding



Rescue PWC Tow Sleds Soft Hybrid


71-inch, WP: 39”, Thick 4.4” Weight: 23.1 lbs, Vol 162lts. Max in Water load 520lbs  

62-Inch, WP: 36″, Thick 4.3″ Weight: 19.8 lbs, Vol 119lts.  Max in Water load 420lbs

Tech Specs. & Shapes by Liquid Shredder Design Teams in:
Mira Flores, Peru
San Diego, California
Charleston, South Carolina
Hand Made and Imported from Peru

Warranty Terms Conditions

Lifeguard SAR PWC water rescue tow sled for jetski
PWC jetski towable rescue sled for search and rescue lifeguard and tow-in surfing
Brand:Liquid Shredder
Manufacturer:Soft Surfboards
Model: LS PWC Sled Rescue
$1399.00 New

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Rescue PWC Tow Sleds
Rescue PWC Tow Sleds Soft Hybrid