Rail Tape Inca Epoxy SUPs

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Rail Tape Inca Epoxy SUPs

Protect your SUP and prolong its life.  Perfect for Liquid Shedder Inca and other Epoxy SUP boards. Rail Tape Inca Epoxy SUPs was developed and tested by Surfco Hawaii, the smooth rail tape is designed to protect the rails of SUP stand up  paddle boards from nicks and scratches. The smooth tape will not create drag on the rails. Provides excellent grip for the rails of SUP paddleboards looks like part of the board. Protects rails from nicks and scratches.

New material is easy to apply!

Kit includes 2 3″X72″ clear rail tapes, nose guard primer, and easy to follow instructions.


by: Surfco Hawaii

Rail Tape for SUP Boards Kit
Protects the rails, side edges, of SUP Standup paddleboards from knicks from paddple and other minor impacts.
Brand: Surfco Hawii
Manufacturer: Surfco Hawaii
Model: Rail Tape for SUP Boards Kit
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Rail Tape Inca Epoxy SUPs
Rail Tape Inca Epoxy SUPs
$42 $39