Pura Vida Hi-Tech SoftBoards Liquid Shredder

Hand Made in the Americas

Pura Vida Softboard: Choose, 5ft 8in or 6ft 4in with FCS compatible thruster fin system. Made in Peru. ShortBoard performance shape. Patented Carbon Fiber/Aluminum Stringer System, Poly-composite rail protection. Tri-fin set of 3ea FCS compatible Fins Included. Foot leash sold separately. SELECT A SIZE & COLOR FOR SUGGESTED RIDER WEIGHTS

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Pura Vida Hi-Tech SoftBoards Liquid Shredder

Liquid Shredder’s Pura Vida Hi-Tech SoftBoards are a technical wonder. Available in two sizes, the “Pure Life” Pura Vida surfboard is like no other. Choose from a shortboard shape of 5ft 8in or 6ft 4in and experience a real high-performance high-tech soft surfboard that will take you to the next level.

The patented construction on the Hi-tech Soft Surfboard makes it durable and very user-friendly, allowing an experienced surfer to catch one wave after another. This soft surfboard has a Patented Advanced Carbon Fiber Reinforced Aluminum stringer system that makes it strong and lightweight, giving you enough power for high-performance tricks and making it easily transportable.

Its unique Vinyl skin is tough and keeps the board from getting damaged easily and insures no catastrophic skin delaminations. Liquid Shredder’s high-tech surfboards are easy to clean and repair, which allows you to have a stress-free, exciting surf session. A tri-fin set of 3ea FCS compatible fins are included, adding more stability to the board.

Our Pura Vida Hi-Tech Soft Surfboards are tested in sanctioned surf competitions to ensure they are constructed and held to the highest standards. The pointier nose makes the board easier to maneuver once you’re on the wave, which will make your turns quicker.

This high-tech soft surfboard will not disappoint and will add an element of fun to your wave riding.


One Year Consumer use Warranty.

Tech Specs. & Shapes by Liquid Shredder Design Teams in:
Lima, Peru
San Diego, California
Charleston, South Carolina
Hand Made and Imported from Peru

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