Caballito de Totora 12 feet Tribute Paddleboard

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Paddleboard Tribute Caballito de Totora

A tribute to the Origins of Surfing on the Peruvian Coast of South America. Surfing and stand-up paddleboarding originated in Peru. The Caballitos de Totora is a reed watercraft used in Peru for well over 3000 years, archaeologically evidenced from pottery shards. The plant they are made from is called the Totora reed, native to wetlands in Peru. These “Reed Ponies” were used to ride the waves and as a fishing craft by ancient South Americans. Even today they can be seen in use on the coast of Peru. The coastal Peruvian city of Huanchaco has a fleet of fishing Totoras on the beach. And, the adventurous soul can ride the waves on this 1st surfboard.
Liquid Shredder has produced a limited number of these custom Historic, Tribute Caballito “ponies” for display or to paddle and ride.
Using our unique patented vinyl skin and sublimation printing we have created a beautiful replica of these ancient watercraft. You can own a replica piece of Surfing History. Get your Custom limited edition Caballito de Totora today.


Tech Specs. & Shapes by Liquid Shredder Design Teams in:
Mira Flores, Peru
San Diego, California
Charleston, South Carolina
Hand Made and Imported from Peru
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Caballito de Totora 12 feet Tribute Paddleboard

Tribute To The History of Surfing
Hand Made in Peru

Caballito de Totora 12 feet Tribute Paddleboard is a working, real SUP and a great eye-catching conversation starter. Limited production and hand-made in Peru, where SUP and surfing were invented. The perfect display in any number of venues, restaurants, marinas, boutiques, etc. Plus, you can actually take this display and paddle.  The paddle is Optional.


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