Paddleboard SUP Paddles Adjustable Length


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All Liquid Shredder paddles are designed, approved and tested by the Liquid Shredder International Design Team. Liquid Shredder Paddleboard SUP Paddles Adjustable Length with blades  made of impact resistant polypropylene plastic.  All Premium model SUP Paddles Adjustable Length are designed and Made in the USA.  Lighter weight paddles help improve paddler’s endurance, maneuverability and speed.

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Paddle for SUP Standup Paddleboards
Paddleboard Paddles with adjustable length fits all paddler statures choice of aluminum carbon fiber and fiberglass shafts with polypro durable blades
Brand: Liquid Shredder
Manufacturer: Soft Surfboards
Model: LS SUP Paddle
Product ID: LS SUP Paddle Adjustable Length
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