Hull Seals Peru Liquid Shredder Boards

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Hull Seals Peru Liquid Shredder Boards.  These rubber seals are a standard feature for all through board penetrations of Liquid Shredder Patented Peruvian Made board Products. They prevent water from entering the board at the fin screws, leash posts, and Rescue Equipment Handles.  Over time the seal may become worn or damaged and begin to leak at which time they should be replaced.  They come in pairs and are available in 3 lengths depending on your board thickness.  Installation requires the contact cement included in our Optional LS Peruvian Board Repair Kit.  Never allow the Contact Cement or Cleaner in the Repair Kit to come into contact with any board’s EPS foam as it will melt the foam core.

Hull Seals Peru Liquid Shredder Boards
Hull Seals prevent water from entering the surfboards or SUPs through the fin screw holes. Made for Peruvian Liquid Shredders.
Brand: Liquid Shredder
Manufacturer: Soft Surfboards, Inc.
Model: SB Seal
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