8ft 2in HD School Soft Surfboard

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SoftSurfboard Hybrid, Fun Shape Wide. Made in Peru specifically for Surf Schools, Camps and Rentals. Dimensions 8ft 2in x 23in x 3.1in board weight 12.8lbs, Vol. 74lts. Full outline rail rub protection. Removable Tri-fins are included.  Foot leash sold separately.


Liquid Shredder 8ft 2in HD School Soft Surfboard


The 8ft 2in HD School Soft Surfboard has a suggested max novice rider weight 130lbs, more for experienced riders. Tri Fin, Fun Shape with good rocker make it easy to catch waves. Hybrid soft HD Enhanced construction makes it durable and very user friendly. Patented Advanced Aluminum stringer system makes it strong and light weight.  Patented vinyl skin system with Gore-tex vent insures no catastrophic skin delaminations.

Liquid Shredder HD models have been…Used, Abused and Tested in Surf Camps and Rentals since 1999

One Year Consumer use Warranty.

Tech Specs. & Shapes by Liquid Shredder Design Teams in:
Mira Flores, Peru
San Diego, California
Charleston, South Carolina
Hand Made and Imported from Peru


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