7in Fin Peruvian Models


LS 7in fin for Peruvian Models.

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Measure surfboard fin size
You can estimate your existing fin’s length using this method.

Replaces 7in Fin Peruvian Models : Element, HD and SUPs.

This 7 inch fin does not fit any Suntech, FSE,  Shred-X or Inca Epoxy/Fiberglass Models.

Fin screws are NOT included.

Surfboard Sup Paddleboard 7 inch fin for Liquid Shredder
Stand Up Paddle Boards and Surfboards fins to fit Peruvian model Liquid Shredder Surfboards and SUPs
Brand: Liquid Shredder
Manufacturer: Soft Surfboards
Model: LS 7in Fin
Product ID: LS 7in Peru Fin
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7in Fin Peruvian Models Liquid Shredder
7in Fin Peruvian Models