6ft FSE Foamie Soft Surfboard

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LS Foam Special Edition, FSE Series, Economy Soft Surfboard. Classic ShortBoard Shape. Dims 6′ x 20″ x 2.5″, Weight 9lbs, Vol. 44lts. Removable Tri-Fin Thruster fin system. Safety Foot Leash sold separately.


Most Customers Also Purchased Optional: 6ft Straight Foot Leash

Kids Surfboards 6ft FSE Foamie Soft Foamie Surfboards free shipping

6ft FSE can Shred!

6ft FSE Foamie Soft Surfboard  FREE USA 48 SHIPPING!

This is Liquid Shredders 6ft FSE Foamie Soft Surfboard economy series Foamie 6ft x 20in x 2.5in    6ft FSE Foamie Soft Surfboard is suggested for kids and beginner novice rider weight 95lbs more for experienced riders.  EPE Deck with EPS core and PP hard slick bottom.

Designed for beginners and kids up to 90lbs and more for experienced riders. Soft foam deck, EPS core with Slick, Fast Bottom. The 6ft FSE Foamie Soft Surfboard has Dual wooden stringers for strength. Heat laminated, no glue.

Customers Also Bought: Padded Travel Bag

90 day Consumer Warranty.

6ft soft surfboards foamy
Soft Surfboards softboards foamie shop buy online free shipping
Brand: Liquid Shredder
Manufacturer: Soft Surfboards
Model: FSE 6ft soft top surfboards
Product ID: 6ft softboards
$199.00 New

Tech Specs. & Shapes by Liquid Shredder Design Teams in:
San Diego, California
Charleston, South Carolina
Surfboards Hand Made and Imported

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3 reviews for 6ft FSE Foamie Soft Surfboard

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’m a beginner/intermediate surfer weighing 100 lbs and 5’4” tall, and needed to go back to a foamie after my 6’5” epoxy surfboard gave me one too many injuries (and I hated my Costo 8 foot one because it was too heavy and I kept nose-diving on waves). It took me about a month to re-learn how to get up on this board surfing 2-3 times a week (I think the 6’5” to 6′ downgrade was a bit too much for my level at that time), but now that I’ve gotten past that I LOVE this board! It has a lot of scratches on the top due to it being a soft top, but I’m getting my green waves and getting up on white wash with no problems again AND it’s small enough to carry around. I keep scouring the internet to see what my next board will be, but I really can’t think of any other one that suits me better than this board (considering I’m scared to death of epoxy boards now after my injuries)!

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    I purchased this board for my 9 year old daughter. She had some experience getting up on my 8’board and was ready for her own. We rented a few different foam boards last summer, and were disappointed in many of them. After doing a lot of research online, we decided to give the liquid shredder a try. At 52″ tall, and 75 lbs, this 6′ board is just right. She can carry it on her own (over her head – her arms are too short to carry by her side), and has no trouble maneuvering it in the water. The board is very stable, with the float you would expect from a foam board. The fins are flexible, which is a good safety feature for kids.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Durable! I use it for river surfing, Used about 20 times so far, its been great, very floaty, decent control, Little sharper nose than the Greco boards & half the price!

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