11ft Inflatable Outdoorsman Paddleboard SUP


Package Includes 11ft SUP, Paddle( aluminum adjustable), Fins, Hand Pump with pressure gauge, Air Chamber Repair Kit, Tote bag, Deck Bungee fore, and aft.  Maximum suggested novice rider weight 325lbs, more for experienced paddlers.

Specifications & Features:
1)  11ft x 38in x 6in, 35lbs, 15lb pressure
2) Camo Deck with brown “LS-Comfort” EVA deckpad
3) Triple Air Chambers for flotational safety
4) “Redneck Rescue” bright orange bottom
5) Tri fin for Glide and True Tracking
6) Fore and Aft cargo bungee
7) Fore and Aft “D” rings for lines and/or anchor
8) Seven carry handles
9) 20 total “D” rings and 2 web tie down strap loops
10) 90 Day LS Consumer Warranty



11ft Inflatable Outdoorsman Paddleboard SUP

11ft Inflatable Outdoorsman Paddleboard fits the bill. Huntin’, Fishin’, Boatin’, Surfin’, and Wildlife Viewin’ are in the DNA of most Carolina Lowcountry Natives.  Scott McClain used his decades of Outdoor experience to develop the Liquid Shredder Outdoorsman Inflatable SUP.  In their youth, Scott and his pals would duck hunt the Pinopolis Fish Hatchery in Lake Moultrie, South Carolina.  The boat ride, at night, in the cold of winter, across the big lake was a life and death risk for teenage boys.  Many boaters have lost their lives on this lake in summer daylight.  In the small “duck boat” McClain and his friends knew the risks, a swamped camo boat is all but invisible in the water.  Its natural for a swamped outboard duck boat to roll over in rough water.  For safety, the bottoms of their camouflaged boats were painted bright orange in hopes Search and Rescue would find them before they froze or drowned.  This “Redneck Rescue” feature is incorporated in the Outdoorsman SUP.  Combined with the highest quality Korean Drop Stitch materials and triple Air Chambers the Outdoorsman I-SUP floats reliably.  This LS11ft Inflatable Outdoorsman Paddleboard SUP is a Super Stable SUP at 38 inches wide.  The rail/gunnel Air Chambers act as stabilizing outriggers.  Add a cooler or the optional padded seat and you have the perfect platform for Line fishing, bow fishing, bird and animal watching.  You can’t beat the LS Outdoorsman for portability and stability.

Inflatable SUP Owner’s Manual

Tech Specs. & Shapes by Liquid Shredder Design Teams in:
San Diego, California
Charleston, South Carolina
Hand Made and Imported




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11ft Inflatable Outdoorsman Paddleboard SUP by Liquid Shredder
11ft Inflatable Outdoorsman Paddleboard SUP