10ft HD School Soft Surfboard

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New and Improved for 2022 Season

Advance Tech Soft Hybrid LongBoard. Made in Peru for Discerning Individuals, Surf Schools, Camps, and Rentals. Dims. 10ft x 25in x 4in board weight 23.5lbs, Vol. 149lts. Patented Dual Aluminum Carbon Stringer System. Unique Patented Vinyl Skin with Gore-tex vent eliminates catastrophic delamination.  Full outline rail protection. Removable Tri-fins are included.  Cho

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10ft HD School Soft Surfboard

New and Improved for 2022 Season

Liquid Shredder’s 10-foot surfboard is perfect for anyone searching to learn how to surf or have some fun in the water. For surfers just starting out, a 10-foot surfboard is the way to go because it is fun, easy to ride, and comfortable. At first, surfing can seem intimidating and scary. But with the right board, it shouldn’t feel that way at all. Our 10ft longboard surfboard is wide enough to keep you sturdy, light enough to help you paddle, and long enough for you to keep your balance.


  • 10ft x 25in x 4in
  • weight 23.5lbs
  • Vol. 149lts
  • Dual Aluminum Carbon Stringer System
  • Patented Vinyl Skin with Gore tex to prevent catastrophic delamination
  • Full outline rail protection
  • Removable Tri-fins

Our Advance Tech Soft Hybrid LongBoards are made in Peru and are perfect for discerning individuals, surf schools, camps, and rentals. The wider, rounder nose allows for smoother rides and easier pop ups, making it the best beginner surfboard.The Original 10-foot HD surfboard is Internationally known by Surf Schools as “The Magic Surfboard” as almost anyone can pop up and ride it in their first session. The Standard Liquid Comfort soft anti-slip deck pad also eliminates the need for surfboard wax, and the Hybrid soft HD Enhanced construction makes it durable and very user-friendly. Our 10ft longboard surfboard has a Patented Dual Aluminum Carbon Stringer System, which makes it strong and lightweight.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, this 10 foot surfboard will not disappoint.

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1 review for 10ft HD School Soft Surfboard

  1. 5 out of 5


    I bought this board because I have an older 9′ version that I had purchased from a yard sale and was really blown away by what it could do. This 10′ version is much improved in terms of it’s fabrication and durability, but most importantly it is one of the funnest boards I own among the 7 or so including custom glass boards, etc.

    You can literally catch any size wave with it! It’s got a great shape to the nose with appropriate amount of rocker to prevent pearling (digging in) and you can turn on a dime in steep fast waves or just hang loose and let it take you for a long ride. Its light and very buoyant, perhaps almost too buoyant at times and you could easily take a child or light weight person out to ride doubles with in case you are interested in teaching surfing. One issue which I wish they would improve on is that it’s very wide and hard to wrap your arm around, it really needs a SUP handle built into it.

    All in all, it’s a great buy for the money considering the durability and fun factor built in.

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