Foam Surfboards

Foam Surfboards by Liquid Shredder are the Original Soft Top Foam Surfboards.  The very latest in modern Intelligent design surfing features are standard in every Liquid Shredder foamie surfboard.  The best beginner surfboards and surf camp surfing boards are Soft Foam Deck Surfboards.  Durable, safer, and lower priced than traditional fiberglass surfboards, they have become the best surfboards for beginners.  The outer shell of soft style Surfboards can vary but all are not hard fiberglass or epoxy.  This outer foam shell is less likely to injure a surfboard rider in an impact wipe-out.  Surfing instructors at surf schools and surf camps prefer these safe foam soft surfboards compared to hard shell fiberglass or fiberglass epoxy surfboards.  Most soft surfboards are thicker and more stable than traditional fiberglass surfing boards.  This makes Foam Deck Surfboards easier to learn to surf and become a successful wave rider.  Soft top surfboards have opened the joy of surfing and the beach lifestyle to millions of people who would have never learned to surf on the dangerous hard shell fiberglass surfboards.  This innovation in watersports technologhy and surfing equipment has made surfing a global sport and fitness craze for the benefit of all people.

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