Black Ball Beater Boards

Black Ball Beater Boards LS EZ-Slider and the patented Ghost Hybrid Soft Surfboards. Mini Simmons surfboards Tribute Hybrid  Shape. Removable Twin-Fin fin system. You can also go finless surf on a finless beater board with Liquid Shredder.  Every Blackball Beater surfboard made by Soft Surfboards is designed with fin seals to prevent water intrusion into the internal foam surfboard blank. Safety Foot Leash sold separately.  The best Blackball Beater Surfboards are also great beginner surfboards for kids, beginners and even lightweight professional surfers. Did you know beater surfboards can beat the blackball flag?  Not only are beater soft surfboards high-performance fun.  They can be ridden in some surfing restricted zones.  Check with your local lifeguard or authorities to confirm.