Learn to Surf or SUP on Liquid Shredder World Wide

Liquid Shredder Surf Camps
Liquid Shredders at Surf School in NYC.

Every day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year LS riders, just like you, are headed out to Surf or SUP.   LS Boards are in the water 24/7 across the globe.  Since 1999 Liquid Shredder has provided the best surfboards for you to learn how to surf.  In 2006 we began production of our user friendly line of SUP Stand up Paddleboards.  The LS SUPs became the benchmark of quality for beginners and rental SUPs. Our Liquid Shredders are the favorites of Surf and SUP trainers world wide.They’re in the water from Chile in South America and North up to Canada.  Liquid Shredders are the favorite boards for beginning surfers around the globe, California, Hawaii, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, China, Russia the EU the back to Maine and across the USA.

If you’re going to learn to Surf or SUP, Liquid Shredder is here for you.  Easy to ride and high quality are our board sports goals. Join the Liquid Shredder Revolution!