Installing Beginner Surfboard Fins

Installing Beginner Surfboard FinsInstalling Beginner Surfboard Fins

Most beginner surfboards use a deck screw system to hold fins in place.  Installing Beginner Surfboard Fins is easy! Knowing the basics of soft surfboard fin systems will help you understand the process.  If you’re trying to figure out the best size and style foam surfboard for you, check out this link: Choosing Beginner Surfboards.

Beginner Surfboard Basics

During manufacturing, holes are drilled through the board.  You insert fins into the bottom holes, screws are pushed through the deck of the board then tightened.  An issue with holes in any vessel and a surfboard is one, is the intake of water. The core material of surfboards is a foam and by its very nature will eventually absorb water.  Water increases the weight of your surfboard reducing flotation and performance.  A heavier kids surfboard or even an adult’s is harder to carry to the beach.  The ride becomes sluggish and your foamie surfboard fun will decrease. Factually, the lighter a surfboard is the better your wave riding will be.  Additionally, water within the foam surfboard blank makes it brittle and much more likely to beak in half.  Liquid Shredder solved the water absorption problem in the fin area by using rubber through-hull fittings.  These tubes protect the foam from water penetration. Never purchase a beginner’s soft surfboard that does not have water intrusion Fin Seals.

Surfboard Fin Installation

The installation of foam surfboard Fins is not difficult.  Once you have installed your foam surfboard fins, remember to check and tighten them often.  They can work loose and you could lose your fins.  The last thing that a beginning surfer needs is to lose fins on his first days as a surfer.  So, remember to properly install your soft surfboard fin system.  Check the screws often for tightness.  Retighten the screws as necessary.  If you don’t, you may lose your surfboard fins.  Have a great day at the beach.  Check out some cool Liquid Shredder Beginner Surfboards.

See the video below for general instructions.  It will help you install your beginner surfboard fins.How to install beginner surfboard fins

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