Inflatable Standup Paddleboards SUPs


Inflatable Standup Paddleboards

Inflatable Standup Paddleboards are so durable you can beat them with a baseball bat. Liquid Shredder I-SUP  Inflatable Standup Paddleboards have Super Wide profiles to be exceptionally stable and float more weight. Our Inflatable SUPs are stable, sturdy, and exceedingly portable. These quality inflatable standup paddleboards perform best at 16 PSI. Pump it up with the included pump and pressure gauge then stow it away in the included tote pack. The Liquid Shredder inflatable SUPs are made from military-grade rubber and Korean drop-stitching, which makes them the most durable available. These portable paddleboards come with their own pack bag, pump, pressure gauge, removable center fin, Tri fins, bungee, “D” ring system, and carry handles. These inflatable SUPs are perfect for traveling on planes or vehicles. Easy storage on your boat and never dings your beautiful marine finish. They are possibly the best SUP Paddleboards for rental and yoga classes. LS I- SUPs are the perfect paddleboards for kids and beginners. Pump it and you’re ready to rock and roll! One year consumer use warranty by Liquid Shredder.  Click Here for Discount Codes

Inflatable Standup Paddleboards SUPs
Inflatable stand up paddle board SUPs highest and best quality I-SUPs
Brand: Liquid Shredder
Manufacturer: Liquid Shredder Surf and SUP
Model: LS I-SUP
$699.00 up New