FSE Economy Paddleboard

FSE Economy Paddleboard

FSE Economy PaddleboardFSE Economy Paddleboard

Shop Liquid Shredder’s selection of soft top paddleboards below! We have boards that are perfect for any skill level. Whether you require a beginner soft top paddleboard or a professional style paddleboard, we have what you need! Our FSE economy paddleboards are designed to let riders enjoy a stable cruise on the waves. These boards are created out of quality material, ensuring countless years of continuous use. Take on the waves in style—choose Liquid Shredder’s soft top FSE economy paddleboard today.  CLICK HERE for Discount Codes

1. LS 11ft FSE “Foamie” SUP PaddleBoard
2. Anti-Slip Foam Deck
3. Dual (2) Wooden Stringers
4. 1ea 8” removable Center Fin
5. 50’50 Deck fiberglass underlayment
6. Leash Post
8. Soft Rail edges for safety
9. Carry Handle


FSE Economy Paddleboard 90 Day Warranty

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