Fish Surfboards

Fish Surfboards, Why are they called “The Perfect Small Wave Surfboards”?Fish Surfboards Liquid Shredder

Fish tail surfboards also called swallow tail surfboards have some unique features that make them the best surfing boards for that small surf and tiny wave days.  Many surfers add a fishboard surfboard to their quivers of surfboards for one reason, “When I got to the beach the waves were mushy and small, my short surfboard shape just wouldn’t cut it”.   So, why would Fish boards work better in small surf conditions?.   It is really simple, if board length is the same, the fish shape is wider through its entire length. It has more bottom area for a wave to push on than a narrow short surfboard shape.  Also, swallow tail surfing boards are wide at the tail giving more area to push.   This total flotational volume allows a split tail surfboard to support rider weight, with stability at lower speeds. Fishshape surfboards have a flatter rocker, the curve from nose to tail.  This makes a split tail surfboard them a faster, easier paddle that gives you more launch speed on smaller waves.

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History of the Fish Surfboard

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