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Beginners Surf boards Liquid Shredder
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The Best Kids and Beginners Surf boards

EZ-Slider Series for beginners surf boards are a safe durable and cost-effective surfboard foamie.  There is no better value in any beginner foam surfboard. For over 2 decades the design teams and materials technology experts at Soft Surfboards have created the best beginner surfboards on the oceans of planet earth.  CLICK to Watch the VIDEO

Liquid Shredder surfboards for kids and adults are The Original Soft Surfboards ®. EZ Sliders are the Beginners Surf boards. Our beginner foam surfing boards are made to the highest standards by surfers for surfers yet are low price surfboards.  Trusted and abused by Surf Camps across the globe Ez-Slider Liquid Shredder soft top surfboards can take the use and abuse.  Liquid Shredder beginners surf boards are vastly superior to the old, cheap foamy sponge boards of the past.

Beginners Surfboards  by Liquid Shredder

The EZ-Slider Series Liquid Shredder best beginners surf boards include a Slick, superfast bottom, and Hyper Laminate dual hardwood stringers for stiffness. The 8ft Beginners Surfboards and 9ft surfboard have a 3rd Fiberglass stringer for more added strength. EPE Deck with EPS core and PP hard slick bottom. Models range for our 59-inch beater board, 5ft 10in fish, 6ft shortboards, 7ft fun surfboards with 8ft longboards, and extra-wide 9ft longboards. Our beginner foamy surfboard is heat laminated into cost-effective hi-performance beginner foam surfboard. White PP (polypropylene) slick bottom adds rigidity and strength.  FREE USA 48 State Shipping   

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Best kids Beginners Surfboards
Best quality surfboards for kids and best beginner soft top surfboards Liquid Shredder
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