Liquid Shredder Surfboards


Beginners & Kids Softboards & SUP Paddleboards.  Original Liquid Shredders are Made in the Americas

Original Patented Softboards  with One Year Warranty!

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Soft Surfboards and SUPs YOU SAVE MORE $$$


on all Surfboards & Stand Up Paddleboards*

Surfboards for Beginners and Kids Soft Hybrid, Custom Crafted, Top Quality, Fun and Easy to Ride.

Surf boards & Standup Paddleboards SUPs Hand Shaped for Experienced Surfers and Beginner Surfboards

Soft Surfboards® with ONE YEAR WARRANTY*, Fins, Nose Protector & Foot Leash*.

Surfboards, Pro and Entry Level, Low Prices, Pro Performance, Soft Surface

Original Liquid Shredder® Soft Surfboards®

The Original LIQUID SHREDDER Soft Hybrid Surfboards and Paddleboards, are the best custom made soft top surface surfboards and SUPs. Hand shaped, top quality and super high tech design, soft top but not supersoft top surface and softcore of Liquid Shredder surfboards is fast, super - performance and low, inexpensive, cheap sale price. Every Liquid Shredder is custom designed and hand shaped in Peru. Liquid Shredder is designed specifically to be used by everyone from Pro Rippers to new Surf Wave Riders.  The innovative softcore and surface of Shredder surfboard brings the thrill of surfing to kids and the beginner who waited, due to high retail sale prices and unsafe designs, to surf.  Liquid Shredder fills the gap between cheap surfboards and high priced fiberglass surfboards and foam surfboards. Soft Surfboards are Core.  Liquid Shredder   "Made In Peru, Where Surfing Was Invented"   .  Many surfboards have No Warranty so, always ask about the warranty of a surfboard before you purchase. We're so confident in our Peruvian quality we give you a ONE YEAR WARRANTY!  Never buy a cheap low quality surfboard or one without One Year Warranty.

Liquid Shredder Soft Surfboards soft top surfboards are less dangerous and less expensive for beginners and kids. Low cost of ownership, state of the art materials including medium supple but not supersoft water resistant aircraft quality vinyl surface and full length Peruvian hardwood stringer make this surfing gear durable. Also, we have top quality soft surfboards for girls.

Original Soft Surfboards® by Liquid Shredder® Models are Patented in the USA and other countries.  Our state of the art surfboard technology, materials and construction are unique.  There is no other like it in the world.  Original Liquid Shredder surfboards are custom Made in Peru, Where Surfing Was Invented. Our surfboards range from 4'2" up to 10ft soft stand up paddle SUP paddleboards and soft windsurfer boards.  The line includes funshpaes, longboards, bigwave guns, standup paddle boards, paddles and accessories. All these Original Liquid Shredder Models are Made in Peru.

BEFORE YOU COMMIT AND PURCHASE A SurfBoard ...ask if they stock spare parts like fins, screws and repair kits. Softboard fins and screws can get lost or broken from time to time and they are not interchangeable between brands also, wrecks happen that can damage any softboard.   We get e-mails and phone calls daily from folks who purchased surfboards with soft surface who can't get replacement fins, or repair a hole making their board useless.  WE STOCK PARTS for OUR SoftBoards and our riders can always get replacements and repair kits. For a full list of our PARTS & ACCESSORIES CLICK HERE.


*See Terms & Conditions

Soft Surfboards specializes in Surfboards For Sale, Soft Surfboards For Sale, and Custom Soft Surfboards. Soft Surfboards has surfboards for adults kids and beginners that are all fun and easy to ride. Contact Soft Surfboards for: Surfboards For Sale , Soft Surfboards For Sale , and Custom Soft Surfboards.

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*Element Series: One Year Consumer Warranty, Nose & Tail Protectors, Foot Leash

*Digital Series: One Year Consumer Warranty, Nose & Tail Protectors.

*HD School Series: One Year Consumer, Nose, Tail and 3600 Rail Protector.

*Pro Series: One Year Consumer Warranty, Nose and Tail Protectors.

* Does not apply to dealer wholesale purchases





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SUP 11ft ECONOMY Standup Paddleboard with Paddle ONLY $699 


1. LS 11ft FSE "Foamie" SUP PaddleBoard
2. Anti-Slip Foam Deck
3. Tri (3) Wooden Stringers
4. 1ea 7” removable Center Fin
5. 50'50 Deck fiberglass underlayment
6. Leash Post
8. Soft Rail edges for safety
9. Carry Handle
10. Aluminum Adjustable PADDLE INCLUDED
11. 90 Day Warranty



11ft Liquid Shredder SUP paddle board FSEliquid Shredder SUP Paddle

Peru invented surfing

Ancient Peruvian Urn Depicting a Surfer from 2000 years ago.
CLICK for the Origin of Surfing

Below: Modern USA Wahine on a Liquid Shredder.

        Surfboards produced with recycled materials

We Protect the Environment... 
Liquid Shredder is Made
with Recycled and
Recyclable Materials


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