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Since 1999 Liquid Shredder has made the best surfboards for beginners, intermediate and even competitive surfers. Beginning in 2004 LS has made some of the best SUP Stand Up Paddleboards for beginners, intermediate and even competitive SUP paddlers and SUP Surfers.

When you purchase Liquid Shredder softboards, surfboards, SUP paddleboards, bodyboards, skimboards or Fiberglass standup paddleboards online you get our commitment, as folks who live to be in the water, to offer surfboards and SUPs we use ourselves. So, for kids beginners or experienced surf competitors, we have your surfboard paddleboards and bodyboards.

Every surfboard, paddle board and body board we make is the sum total of years of detailed refining and testing by lifelong watermen from the USA, Peru and other countries. Our surfboards, SUP paddle boards, skim boards and body boards are subjected to the rigors of some of the harshest conditions and largest surf in the world. All of our surfboards for sale, our soft surfboards, SUPs & bodyboards are competition proven.

Original Liquid Shredder Patented boards are Made in Peru, Where Surfing Was Invented.

Over 3500 Years ago, SUP Surfing was widespread on the Pacific Coast of South America. Designed by Native American, worshipers of the Sun Disc, the "Sea Pony Made of Reeds" was used for sport and fishing. The Reed Pony was depicted in ceremonial artistic ceramics dated back to 1500 BCE. In 2016 a delegation from Peru went to Crescent Head Beach, Australia to construct and demonstrate these early Surfing SUP techniques.

Click the video below to see "Caballito de Totora" the first SUP / Surf Wave Riding Vehicle in action. Go Full Screen and Enjoy!

Testimonials From Actual Liquid Shredders...

Jamie: Seven years ago I bought two Liquid Shredder SUPs for my kids and me to paddle around on the Long Island Sound. Huge fun! I now have a “fleet” of seven!! No need to look any further if you want a super durable well-made stand up paddle board that works well for beginners and will last. Couldn’t be happier and the customer service has been great!

Dustin: Great surfboards! I ordered one to teach my kids and it's the perfect beginner surfboard.

Joe: You guys are great! You were so good to my son and I at Easterns, ESA Surf Championship Contest. Stand up guys that I will support in a heartbeat.

Sheri: Bought my Liquid Shredder stand up paddleboard 4 years ago and it is still going strong! I can paddle anywhere with it!

Kevin: Our family bought this surfboard for my little girl, she loves this soft surfboard, High Quality / Well Made Product - simply the best soft top surfboards for beginners!

Bryan: I was Very pleasantly surprised when I jumped on your 8'2" SUP paddleboard it was super stable and surfed great!

Collin: Got to demo some Liquid Shredder surfboards at this years Eastern Surfing Association Northeast Regional Surf Contest and these surfboards were super fun to ride. Definitely an awesome company!

James: Definitely the best soft surf boards. They are the best surfboard for kids beginning surfers. This is the only surftboard I travel with and will let my son use. He wants all the softboards in his quiver. Me and my wife are in the Liquid Shredder long surfboards.

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